Karen Wood

How to Choose a Customer Data Platform: The Essential Requirements

Not all CDPs are created equal. As the category matures, enterprise marketers should understand their expectations & needs. Here are 5 ways to choose wisely.

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Omer Artun

Understanding the Difference Between CDPs and DMPs

MSPs' highly customized approach & scaled-up database models have become too expensive & clunky. CDPs have 3 main pieces of functionality making them superior.

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Laura Corbalis

Webinar Notes: Moosejaw's journey with deep customer personalization - what they discovered

Today in our webinar, Moosejaw's CMO shares his persona based personalization strategies and how to maximize customer lifetime value with personalization

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David Raab

Interview with David Raab of the Customer Data Platform Institute: Four Questions

David Raab, the founder of the Customer Data Platform Institute, shares his top insights from close research tracking the evolution of the CDP industry

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Rinat Shimshi

Quick Tip: How to Unmask your Anonymous Browsers

Here’s how you can increase the fraction of browsing sessions that you will identify - and by increase I am talking 3x-5x your current identification rate.

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Jem Tatar

Intern Insights: Intro to Customer Data Platforms

CDPs are an adaptable, multi-use marketing tool is strong; see some of the tangible results and other reasons to to work with a CDP, here's an infographic.

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