1 + 1 = 3: Enhancing Oracle Marketing Cloud with an enterprise customer data platform

October 18, 2017


In our webinar today, our executive speakers dispelled common myths about CDPs and marketing clouds, and demonstrated why customers, marketers, and brands all benefit when CDPs and marketing clouds successfully work together. The speakers also shared real-world examples of enterprise brands such as JOANN Stores and lululemon using a CDP and Oracle Marketing Cloud together. 

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Meet our presenters

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Benjamin Diggles Gangadhar Konduri
AppCloud Director CPO
 Oracle Marketing Cloud AgilOne

Key takeaways from the webinar

Oracle Marketing Cloud enables marketers to engage with customers meaningfully across channels via a wide range of adtech, martech, and customer engagement tools. When engagement is powered by a customer data platform (CDP), marketers can make experiences relevant to each individual -- across channels and at scale, boosting customer lifetime value and maximizing customer profitability. From Oracle's perspective, CDPs are essential, and the AgilOne Customer Data Platform is the best choice for enterprise brands.

For omni-channel marketers, a CDP is a crucial complementary piece to a marketing cloud, providing a full view of omni-channel customers so that marketers can engage customers with personalized experiences across channels.

What is a CDP?

Over this past year, digital searches for the term "customer data platform" has increased 3x. Industry analyts have helped define the requirements of a CDP.  Here is an informal breakdown according to Gartner:

Features of most Customer Data Platforms AgilOne’s Founding CDP
• Marketer managed
• First-party focused
• Customer-level
• Extensible
• Real-time
• Unifies offline data as well as online
• Includes machine learning and data modeling
• Persists PII data
• Provides dynamic micro-segmentation
• Provides data cleansing, deduping, stitching
• Syndicates data to “final mile” marketing tools

Our speakers dug into why enterprise need a CDP. In a nutshell: to understand customers and put them in the center of all engagement. Here's are two slide snapshots that explain this visually.



The rift between digital and offline

Customers interact with brands at any time they choose across channels -- from offline or in-store, to desktop browsing, to looking up information on a mobile app or mobile web, to the call center and more. Many marketers do not have the data from these various customer interactions in one central location, thus the need for a CDP.

A CDP helps brands engage with their customers personally at every step along the customer lifecycle. Personalized engagement can help increase bottom line revenue, retain customers, and bring more first time customers back for their second purchase.


Case studies

Here are two real world examples of how enterprise brands have leveraged Oracle Marketing Cloud and AgilOne Customer Data Platform to see major results. Make sure to listen to the full webinar to hear deep insights behind each customer story.



Are you ready for a CDP? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you are ready.

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