10 Predictive Marketing Events at Shop.org's 2014 Summit

September 04, 2014

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If you’re looking to get up to speed on predictive marketing, how it works and how it applies to your business’ bottom line, Shop.org's 2014 Summit is the place to be. But with so many keynotes, roundtable discussions, and events choosing which ones to go to can be a little daunting.

Don’t fret, we here at AgilOne did the research and made a list of what we predict will be the most informative talks about predictive marketing this year at the Summit. In our opinions these are the ten must-attend predictive marketing events at Shop.Org:

1. Capitalizing on the Digital Transformation of Commerce

Michael Rubin, founder and CEO of Kynetic, will share his lessons from building three successful e-commerce businesses: Fanatics, Rue La La, and ShopRunner. He’ll talk about how he kept his companies ahead of the curve despite tough competition by predicting market trends based on future needs.

Speakers: Sucharita Mulpuru, VP Forrester Research & Michael Rubin, CEO Kynetic
Location and Time: Wednesday 8:15 – 9:30am, Room: 4A

2. The New New New Customer Engagement at BevMo!

The CMO, Francesca Schuler, and the Senior Marketing Director of CRM, Insights and Pricing, Nathan Stern, of BevMo! will describe how they compete in the beverage market and provide a glimpse into how BevMo! measures their omni-channel campaign effectiveness and use personalized offers across multiple touch points to drive the bottom line. Maybe they might bring samples too.

Location and Time: Monday 2:30 –3:15pm Room: 2AB

3.Customer Lifecycle Marketing with Traeger Pellet Grills

Our own CEO, Omer Artun, and Traeger Grills will talk about taking all the data you've collected from your customers over the years and turn it into a comprehensive, effective marketing strategy that turns customers into repeat buyers and brand loyalist. Learn how to use predictive analytics and intelligent customer profile to determine which customers or potential customers are the most valuable.

Speakers: Omer Artun, CEO, AgilOne and Ray Hansen, VP, Online Marketing, Traeger Pellet Grills, LLC
Location and Time: Wednesday 12:15 - 1:15pm EXPO hall, Food Court #2 Table#23

4. Bringing Big Data to Life in the Retail Environment

Big Data is Big. It can be unruly if you don't have infrastructure, policies and experience necessary to take advantage of the flood of information that is now available. Lenovo will lead a discussion on how they successfully developed and implemented a Big Data strategy.

Speakers: Anees Merchant, SVP - Digital, Blueocean Market Intelligence and Ashish Braganza, Director, Global Business Intelligence, Lenovo
Location and Time: Wednesday 12:15 –1:15pm; EXPO Hall; Table #2.

5. How Consolidation of Data and Systems Lead to a Unified Omni-Channel Experience

Nowadays, consumers' shopping journeys are increasingly omni-channel, and they expect to be served an integrated retail experience across all channels. However, delivering that omni-channel experience is quite difficult because data has to be aggregated from so many different sources and analyzed correctly. S&S Sports will talk about how they eliminated the barriers between channels to deliver a seamless omni-channel experience.

Speakers: David Potts, CEO and Founder, SalesWarp and Bobby Singh, CEO and Founder, S&S Sports
Location and Time: Wednesday 12:15 –1:15pm EXPO Hall; Table #1.

6. The Internet of Things: What It Means for Retail and What To Do Now

The Internet of Things is means new devices and that means even more data. Shop.org only reveals that the speakers,  will "discuss emerging IoT devices, how our industry could be affected, and what retailers should be doing now to stay on top and reap the benefits."

At one of our virtual events Patrick Salyer, CEO of Gigya, explained the same thing. He described how the era of the internet of things presents new opportunities to connect and convert customers anytime, anywhere. See the video in our academy here.

Speakers:David Dorf, SVP - Oracle Corporation and Bryan Colby, SVP-Digital Commerce, Cornerstone Brands
Location and Time: Wednesday 3:00 –4:00pm Room: 6A

7. Leveraging Customer Lifetime Value Data to Power Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Data-driven marketing is no longer a competitive advantage, it's a necessity. Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is at the forefront of data-driven marketing decisions. This panel will discuss how to define and track the CLV and look at ways to automate and scale the process.

Speakers: Rose Hamilton, CMO Pet360; and Robert Moore, CEO RJMetrics
Location and Time: Wednesday 1:15 –2:15pm Room: 6B

8. Time to Get Personal on the Customer Journey

Panelists here will describe trends in personalized marketing and how to deliver a personalized experience throughout the entire customer shopping journey. They'll dive deeper into delivering personalized email, video and web experiences by using discovery, seasonality and geolocation.

Speakers: Bernardine C. Wu, CEO Fitcommerce; Ornevo, CEO Eyeview; Daniel Moure, CMO PureFormula
Location and Time: Tuesday 1:00 –2:00pm Room: 611-614

9. Defining Omni-Channel for Your Brand: Setting Priorities to Meet Customer Expectations

As more and more consumers are becoming accustomed to intimate brand experiences with retailers, they are beggining to expect seamless omni-channel experiences.  We'll hear VPs from Kohl's Department Stores and Zumiez explain how they define omni-channel for their brands.

Speakers:Ratnakar Lavu, EVP - Digital Innovation, Kohl's; Troy Brown, EVP- Digital Commerce, Zumiez; John L Stelzer WW Industry Lead, IBM
Location and Time:  Wednesday 1:15 –2:15pm Room: 6C

10. AgilOne Booth

Okay. Okay. Technically, we're not an event at Shop.Org Summit, but we'll be there to answer any and all questions you have about predictive marketing. Our team will be at booth 1604 ready to explain how you can start utilizing your data just in time for the holiday season. We'll also be raffling off tickets to Cancun. That's right. So, stop by!

Location & Time: Mon - Wed 9:00 am - 7:30 pm Booth 1604