2015 Holiday Insights for Retailers

October 23, 2015

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The holidays are upon us and RetailMeNot recently published their 2015 Holiday Insights Guide for Retailers offering strategies for a success holiday season.

We see a change in demand by key holiday dates and also how the shopping season is growing beyond Black Friday & Cyber Monday. Early-bird shopping is already beginning and core holiday consumers aren't far behind.

Several key takeaways from the report show:

  • Consumers are browsing well before Black Friday and this provides an opportunity for brands
  • Brands should invest in an omni-channel promotional strategy to ensure that they are top-of-mind when consumers are purchasing
  • Although mobile use (browsing, discovery, research) is higher than ever, many consumers are still converting in-store - highlighting the importance of the omni-channel experience
  • Don't forget to offer more in-store deals on apps/mobile to take advantage of in-store opportunities.

There are several things that shine through. Although holiday shopping takes off after Halloween, the amount of deals offered by retailers fluctuated wildly throughout November. Interestingly, the volume of offers dipped to a low point on November 1, which is a day that many consumers are poised to begin their search. This is useful information as we learn that consumers search for different categories during different weeks. See the table below to help you plan when is best to schedule your promotional offers depending on what you're selling.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 10.28.02 AM RetailMeNot. "2015 Holiday Insights Guide to Shopping," Figure 4. October 2015

Also, the study shows that in 2013, desktop is the platform of choice for online holiday shoppers - in 2014, mobile closes the gap on browsing, but not buying. Consumers are using mobile devices more than ever (spike of 82%), and they're using it for discovery and research (sometimes even twice) before heading to the stores to make purchases. So, what can we learn from that? Well, make sure you have an omni-channel messaging strategy to not lose out on these opportunities.

We hope that these insights will help you have a merry and bright holiday season. For more information, feel free to reach out directly to us or read the report yourself here.