Holiday Round-Up Part 1: Tactics, Trends, Preparations to Gear Up for the Holidays

September 08, 2015

3 Step Reactivation Campaign to Win Customers BackTactics, Trends, Preparations to Gear Up for the Holidays

Every year, the holiday shopping season is proving to be increasingly competitive with the escalation of mobile shopping and the increased activity within ecommerce retailers. With seemingly limitless shopping options at the click of a mouse or tap of a smartphone or tablet, how can retailers cut through the clutter and succeed during the holiday season? In 2014, we discovered many interesting data points and marketing trends that will be critical for retailers as they head into the planning phase for this year’s holiday season. And for retailers looking for an advantage over their competition, planning will begin very soon.

With the sun shining and current heat wave, it’s hard to believe it, but it’s time to start planning for the winter holidays.
Retailers are beginning to lay out their strategies for a successful holiday season, overflowing with promotions, recommendations, flash sales, free shipping and last-minute shopping ideas. But, at a time when the e-commerce landscape is dramatically evolving, retailers need to be sure they incorporate the latest technologies, trends and consumer preferences into their strategies.

Holiday shopping 2015 is going to look a lot like last year, only more so in terms of customer expectations for faster delivery, flexibility and options, as well as a mobile-friendly experience, retailers and industry experts told Multichannel Merchant. Scott Cohn, vice president of ecommerce for Chinese Laundry, said his company is trying to meet these heightened expectations by having more items in stock and getting it out the door quickly so orders land on the doorstep when promised.

E-commerce firms are running their preparations for the coming festive season at full steam, expecting sales to the tune of Rs 25,600 crore ($4 billion). The festive months from October-December are expected to account for 40% of the $10-billion annual sales e-commerce firms are likely to record this year, according to management consulting firm Technopark Advisors. The industry had reported $7 billion sales in FY15, with 40% sales coming during the festive season, the firm's senior vice-president Ankur Bisen said.

Never mind that students in the Northeast haven't even stepped foot inside the classroom.
With back-to-school goods lining the shelves and marketing plans already in place, the season is pretty much a done deal for retailers—save for any last-minute price cuts to clear out unpopular items. Now, companies are shifting their focus and using early lessons from the second-largest selling season to shape their strategies for the Super Bowl of retailing: the winter holidays.

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