Webinar Notes: Moosejaw's journey with deep customer personalization - what they discovered

August 16, 2017


A successful retailer puts customers at the center. In order to do that, and create genuine relationships with customers that optimize maximum lifetime value, enterprise retailer Moosejaw took a journey into deep customer personalization and came out on the other side with stories to tell! 

Today in our webinar, Moosejaw's CMO, Dan Pingree, sat down with AgilOne's Founder & CEO, Omer Artun PhD., to share his insights on persona based personalization strategies and how their marketing efforts have dramatically impacted Moosejaw's relationships with their customers and their revenue.

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Webinar notes


What drives Moosejaw?

Moosejaw's mission is to sell the best outdoor stuff and have the most fun while doing so!

Their vision?

The most fun outdoor retailer on the planet!

Their values:

  • Be notable
  • Be engagingly engaged
  • Make customer love us
  • Only do cool stuff

 How does Moosejaw achieve notoriety? 

With fun promotions! Moosejaw is constantly innovating fun new ways to engage customers as they go through their customer life cycle journey. Instead of a "We miss you!" email, they'll send a "Break up" email that offers to break up with someone for you! Instead of a "Happy anniversary" email, they'll send a slightly risque "We remember our first time." Watch the recording for all the examples and a fun video ad that embodies the Moosejaw spirit. 

Personalization is part of "being notable." Being notable means making each customer experience across channels personalized, unique, and memorable so the customer is loyal to your brand -- not just the best price they can find. Many retailers attempt to personalize but miss the mark. As Dan says:

"Dont make me feel misunderstood by pushing something on me that I don't want."

- Dan Pingree, Moosejaw CMO

As an example of missing the mark on personalization, one retailer took Dan's book purchases and recommended these items:

Moosejaw snippet 1.png

What do you need to personalize?

Personalization needs to encompasses all touch points of the customer once they are “understood”

  • Site experience
  • Acquisition
  • Retention (email)
  • Shipping
  • Customer care

This personalization creates a notable experience that is critical to retailers looking to survive in the current -- and future -- competitive landscape. By factoring in all these touch points, you are entering the best way to offer visitors a more memorable experience, which in turn distinguishes you from the competition. 

“…the most significant trend affecting brick-and-mortar stores is the relentless march of Amazon…but the recent meltdown for retail brands is equally about the legacy of the Great Recession, which punished logo-driven brands and put a premium on experiences…

- (April 2017 The Atlantic)

Personalization through the ages

Years ago, customer-centricity was easier. Retailers had their corner shops and customers had limited stores to get their goods. Stores naturally developed a relationship and could personalize a customer's order and experience based on that rapport. With the introduction of supermarkets, retailers became more product and channel focused, trying to push out as much products as possible. With new technology to help retailers unlock an exploding amount of customer data, marketers can now leverage that data and organizationally turn back towards customer-centricity. What do marketers need to do that?

  • Analytics
  • Digitization
  • Organizational enablement

With tools like AgilOne, you can start to expand  your view of your customers from simply transactional data to:

Moosejaw snippet 3.png


Enter the "Personas"

Moosejaw leverages omni-channel customer data and machine learning analytics from to help them creates personas like you see in the image below. Customer segments are created by using algorithms that identify patterns in customer purchase behavior and mathematically clusters your customers into groups to help you more easily personalize the customer's experience. 

Moosejaw snippet 4.png

At Moosejaw, each persona gets a different email, for example, based off their persona group. In our example below, we are showing the different someone would see that is in a "snow sports persona group" vs. not for a winter promotion. You can see that although some of the items might be still features, the subject line, offer, brands shown, and presentation of the products will vary. Watch the webinar video here to learn more about Moosejaw's efforts and the results they have seen.

Moosejaw snippet 5.png

Key takeaways: 

  • With retail being in a state of turmoil, personalization is one of the best ways to stand out from the competition
  • Creating a notable experience through personalization will be one of the key traits of surviving and thriving retailers in the future
  • Nobody truly has it figured out yet—there is still time to prioritize and invest
  • Personalization should be addressed broadly across all customer touch points

Watch the webinar and download the slides here