5 Retail Marketing Campaigns You Should Be Running

June 04, 2014

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Marketing is changing rapidly, especially for retailers. At AgilOne, we understand the challenges and want to share our formula for creating the most effective marketing campaigns. Effective campaigns drive revenue, preserve profitability, and make for a more relevant and enjoyable customer experience.

The most successful campaigns aren’t one-size-fits all, but are tailored to the individual preferences and behaviors of each customer. We have curated a list of 5 essential marketing campaigns from the AgilOne Retail Marketing Playbook.

You can download the AgilOne Retail Marketing Playbook for all 17 marketing campaigns.

Let's get started.

Abandoned Cart Campaigns:

Abandoned cart campaigns consistently rank among the campaigns with the highest ROI. AgilOne clients have seen online revenue increase over 10% from a simple abandoned cart campaign. However, a 2013 AgilOne survey revealed that only 39% of retail respondents were actively sending abandoned cart reminders.

With an estimated 68% of online shopping carts abandoned, all online retailers should have an abandoned cart reminder campaign in place and active.

Abandoned Adwords Search:

AdWords is often one of the most expensive marketing channels. Once you have paid for a potential customer to click through to your site via an AdWords query, it makes sense to do everything possible to convert him or her into a customer.  The best part about a visitor coming via AdWords is that you already have a good idea about what he or she is interested in buying.

Similar to the campaigns above, abandoned AdWords searches can be followed up with targeted offers enticing the potential customer to come back to make a purchase.

New Customer Welcome:

AgilOne research has shown that once a customer makes two separate purchases, he or she will most likely return to buy in the future. In other words, once a customer buys twice, he or she often becomes a long-term, loyal customer. Unfortunately, on average only 30% of first-time eCommerce customers ever make that important second purchase.

This means that marketers need to act quickly for new customers. A New Customer Welcome message – either via email or direct mail – is an easy and effective way to show build loyalty with new customers and build on their early excitement to encourage them to make a second purchase.


A replenishment campaign is one of the most effective and profitable types of marketing campaigns, yet many retailers aren’t yet doing one.

If your company sells products that have an expiration or natural replenishment cycle, send a message to remind your customers to renew or replenish. Some products, such as packaged food items, may be consumed at different rates by different customers. By tracking the rate of purchase for each customer, you can send a personally timed replenishment reminder. AgilOne customers have seen over a 50% increase in replenishment purchases after implementing this type of marketing program.

VIP Recognition:

Convincing your best customers to buy more is often more effective than trying to grow through new customer acquisition. Therefore, it’s very important to identify and recognize your best customers. “Best” customers can be defined by most dollars spent, most profitable or other company-specific metrics. But regardless of how your company chooses to segment your VIP customers, their happiness and loyalty are extremely important.

Making VIPs feel special can be done easily and inexpensively. Some examples of VIP treatment could be:

  • Inviting VIPs to a sneak peak (either in-store or online) of a new product line
  • Providing better call center service for VIPs
  • Including a surprise gift with an in-store or online purchase as a thank you.

To get the entire AgilOne Retail Marketing Playbook with all 17 marketing campaigns, download it for free here.

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