A Real View of Customer Experience Demands Big Data

February 17, 2013

Is it possible to do your job as a customer experience officer without a trove of big data about your customer’s behavior? Probably not. Do most companies really know how to listen to the Voice of the Customer? Definitely not. If we expect to make any headway in multichannel campaign management and have a meaningful dialogue with our customers, we’re going to have to break data out of silos and make the customer experience a C-level priority, according to Ryan Hollenbeck in the InformationWeek article, “Big Data driving the role of Customer Experience Officer.”

If we are going to take action on big data, we need to stop focusing on “data management” and start focusing on actionable events – Hollenbeck suggests all departments, not just marketers, funnel their data through an “Office of The Customer Experience.” These days every business unit from customer service to product management gathers information in its own way, and can’t see the big data picture. In each of these silos, the Voice of the Customer sings, but companies don’t hear it as harmony. Customers get frustrated because they want a company to listen to them across all of the channels they use. The best way to solve this problem is through a unified, company-wide effort to capture and analyze big data that really pays attention to the customer experience.