Moosejaw: an AgilOne Customer Case Study

March 25, 2016

Moosejaw optimizes their marketing efforts, personalization, and promotions through using AgilOne's Customer Cloud.


Moosejaw is probably best known for its irreverent and wacky marketing. They look to AgilOne to improve customer engagements by identifying the right content, products, and offers. In the PDF Case Study Here you will get an insight into how Moosejaw preserves margin, understand customers behavior & preferences. Through improved targeting efforts using Agilone, email has
been one of Moosejaw’s fastest growing channels, averaging 20-30% YoY revenue growth.

Moosejaw's Challenge For AgilOne

Before AgilOne, their marketing strategy had heavy discounting for seasonal sales and it was eroding margin. They had no insight into attributes of valuable and profitable customers. And with their distinct marketing voice, batch & blast didn’t align with brand values for customer experience

Moosejaws 4 Customer-Centric Goals

  • Understand customer purchase behavior
  • Optimize margins by identifying and segmenting by discount sensitivity
  • Utilize analytics to inform creative and brand experiences to match brand personality
  • Accelerate growth of overall business with data-driven marketing

How AgilOne helped

With a single customer profile of in-store, online, digital and direct marketing they were able to truly understand their business from the customer's perspective. With LTV analytics they prioritize assortment strategy and better allocate marketing spend and resources. AgilOne assisted with the development of personas that are based on more than just brand and products, including lifestyle, gender, demographics, them the ability to better personalize experiences and more.

Read the full case study below to learn how they were able to drive a 30% lift on $/send for 75% of their customers, increased revenue per email by 9%, and Decreased customer acquisition costs by 10%



Download the full Case Study here



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