AgilOne Enables Marketers to Predict Lifetime Value Across Channels & What We're Reading This Week

October 30, 2015

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AgilOne Enables Marketers to Predict Lifetime Value Across Channels & What We're Reading This Week

1. Venture Beat: Marketing Cloud contender AgilOne enables marketers to predict lifetime value across channels
AgilOne, a vendor competing with the likes of Salesforce, Adobe, and Oracle in the Marketing Cloud space, is announcing several new features. Most interesting of these is the capability to predict future customer lifetime value (LTV) across channels.
Predictive capabilities are getting hotter in both the B2B and B2C worlds, as vendors compete to meet the need for better personalization and targeting capabilities. However, many vendors rely on data from a single channel to accomplish this, whereas AgilOne uses data from across channels. AgilOne is able to make predictions based on a broader dataset that includes both on- and off-line data.

2. Bloomreach: 2015 thought leaders on the state of e-commerce
It is rare to have under one roof the kind of e-commerce firepower that the annual Digital Summit brings together. The 2015 version in Philadelphia earlier this month didn’t disappoint. The BloomReach content team took advantage of the critical mass to collect the thoughts of some of retail’s leading experts and thinkers on topics ranging from mobile’s rise to omnichannel’s importance to the difficulty in pinning down a clear definition of personalization.

3. Entrepreneur: AgilOne Showcases Mobile Clienteling App That Enables Retailers to Deliver Personalized In-Store Experiences With Insights Based on Omni-Channel Data
AgilOne, the predictive marketing cloud company, has launched a new mobile clienteling reference app that demonstrates how retailers can leverage AgilOne 360 ( predictive customer profiles to deliver consistent, highly personalized in-store experiences that delight customers, leading to increased loyalty and revenueper customer. The reference app for mobile devices illustrates how retailers can bridge the divide between digital and physical experiences by leveraging strategic insights on their customers’ online and offline engagement and purchases with the brand, and use mobile technologies, including iBeacon, to make the customer experience more personal and profitable.

This year's ADMA AC&E Awards encompass 34 winners across categories stretching from content and creativity to data, technology, effectiveness, excellence and innovation

5. eMarketerMarketers More Optimistic About Data-Driven Revenues
Marketers are spending more on—and generating more revenues from—their data-driven marketing efforts, according to a survey conducted in July 2015.The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) found that revenues generated by data-driven marketing grew for 45.7% of US marketers between Q1 and Q2 2015, with 9.0% saying they grew significantly.
What’s more, respondents thought data-driven marketing would be even better for revenues in the future. When the DMA asked about expected changes in such revenues between Q2 and Q3, a majority of respondents (54.3%) said their organization’s revenues from data-driven marketing would go up. The share expecting significant increases also rose, to 11.0%.


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