AgilOne for Home Furnishing Retailers

December 01, 2016

The home furnishing market is at a turning point. 

With 80% of home furnishing buyers researching through digital channels before purchasing, retail brands cannot rely solely on their brick-and-mortar showrooms. Although in-store showrooming is a critical part of the buying process for many home furnishing shoppers, brands that keep store data separate from digital data are missing out on valuable information about their buyers across the journey. More buyers are also purchasing home furnishings online--and the pressure is on for traditional brick-and-mortar home furnishings retailers to compete in both the digital and physical worlds of commerce.

What is a home furnishing brand do to remain competitive and still grow its business?

AgilOne has several clients who specialize in the home furnishings market. Working closely with these enterprises, we have learned about the challenges unique to this vertical, and the best ways to pull ahead from the competition. Leveraging these insights, we've developed a datasheet that addresses the needs of home furnishing retailers. In this AgilOne data sheet, we dive into how AgilOne can help you:

  • Get more return on media spend.
  • Boost the ROI of catalog and direct mail campaigns.
  • Deliver consistent experiences across the customer journey. 
  • Drive more traffic to stores.
  • Put an end to one-time buying.

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