AgilOne: Helping Moosejaw spread their creative messaging

July 25, 2013

Moosejaw is kicking-ass in the ecommerce space as one of the leading retailer of outdoor gear and apparel.  I know this, because at AgilOne we like to support our customers, so I went onto their website to order some cool swag for some of the upcoming events AgilOne will be attending. I felt compelled to share with you why I think Moosejaw is doing so well.

What’s their secret sauce to doing so well?
I will tell you. There are a couple of reasons.

  • Great products at low prices
  • Their quirky messaging and creative marketing
  • They use AgilOne’s Enterprise Edition software to optimize their strategy

If you’ve never been on Moosejaw’s website, I highly recommend that you go check it out. Now, if you can. Here’s their link Aside from loving their prices and discounts, their quirky voice pretty much gives it the stamp of “most entertaining” website I’ve visited in a long time.

What could possibly be so entertaining about a website?

For starters, their marketing team makes it fun. All over the site you will find entertaining, little facts, cool Instagram pictures of their customers with Moosejaw swag, a “Madness tab” with “dumb stuff” to entertain you for hours, and much more – all powered by a distinctive “don’t-take-yourself-too-seriously” messaging that will make you chuckle and giggle at random intervals throughout their website.

There is only so much an entertaining website can do for a company, right? They need to sell - and surprise, surprise! - Moosejaw nailed that one too. As previously mentioned, their prices are great but they also have other perks that make shopping at Moosejaw more than just entertaining. Their Rewards Program gives you 10% back in all regular purchased items and 5% on sale items. If that wasn’t enough; that “Madness tab” I mentioned earlier and other hidden website “Easter Eggs” have random ways such as word scrabble (aka: anagram), to earn free points to go towards your Rewards stash. Entertaining. Competitive prices. Rewarding. What’s not to love?

Speaking of love – Moosejaw loves the Earth and is being as green as possible. Their products come in recycled, eco-friendly shipping boxes that deliver your new, shiny purchases. The boxes come with creative messaging saying quirky thing such as, “Don’t be surprised if you’ve seen this box before. We recycle.” and “Sealed with a Kiss”.

They’re so clever.

How do they have time to come up with all this awesome marketing messaging?

Simple. As Moosejaw’s VP of Marketing, Dan Pingree, discussed, AgilOne’s Enterprise Edition has given them the operational insights on customer behavior needed to allow them to tailor personalized, multichannel campaigns to their diverse database based on their shopping preferences, past purchases and browsing history. Moosejaw’s marketing can now run free with their creative messaging, while at the same time giving them peace of mind knowing they’ll be able to see how well their quirky, creative messaging is being received.

Every company can follow in Moosejaw’s tracks – no pun intended – and optimize their strategy and marketing messaging by using AgilOne’s products.