AgilOne Is Named a Strong Performer in the 2018 Forrester Wave for Customer Analytics Solutions

June 18, 2018

AgilOne is Named a Strong Performer in the 2018 Forrester Wave for Customer Analytics SolutionsLeading analyst firm Forrester Research Group published its 2018 Wave for Customer Analytics Solutions this week, and AgilOne is listed as a Strong Performer.

As the market leader in customer data platforms (CDPs), it is important to us to participate in market research that overlaps with the CDP category. It is the same reason we participated in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Marketing Hubs. Participating in research in categories that overlap with CDPs is helping to force analysts to wrangle with their definitions, and it will ultimately help clarify where CDPs end and these other markets begin. 

This is especially true when the CDP category is at the peak of hype but the market hasn’t completely settled on a definition.

Gartner has a terrific piece that clarifies how all these similar markets are different from one another. If you have a Gartner login, check it out.

Customer Analytics: Essential Functionality of a CDP

A CDP is more than just a dumb hub that shuffles data around. Analytics, machine learning, and AI are used by CDPs to intelligently segment customers, identify trends and behaviors, predict outcomes, and enable 1:1 interactions at a massive scale. Analytics is what drives the value of a CDP. (Check out our recent webinar with David Raab, founder of the Customer Data Platform Institute, where we take a deep-dive into analytics for CDPs. Or, you can view the notes from this webinar here.)

Analytics is an area of differentiation among vendors claiming to be CDPs; it’s an area of strength for AgilOne.

Forrester defines Customer Analytics Solutions as providing, at its core:

  • Business user accessibility
  • Speed to insights and action
  • A single view of the customer

We believe that these capabilities should be part of a CDP. A CDP should be the “intelligence layer” that brings meaning and actionability to customer data.

Customer Analytics Is for Everybody

Among all vendors evaluated for the Customer Analytics Solutions Forrester Wave, AgilOne was given the highest ranking for our data. We believe that every role across the organization can benefit from having access to customer data and analytics. Different teams will need different types of access, and we provide six distinct ways to access data and analytics within our platform.

Visualization Type of Access Description Who Benefits
Dashbaord Dashboards

- Cube or Template Reports (charts or tables)

- Download as PDF or PNG

Executives; business users
OLAP OLAP (on Hadoop)

- Self-service ad-hoc analysis

- Visualizations via Charts 

- 300+ measures  & dims 

- Connect via Excel

- Aggregate-level reports

Marketers; analytics teams 
Hive Hive SQL Reports

- Configured via paramters

- Visualizations via Charts 

- Pre-defined Queries 

- Record-level reports

- Aggregate-level reports 

Marketers; data scientists 
Interactive Query Interactive Query

- SQL Access to atomic level data 

- All data including events, transactions, customer, product... 

Data scientists
Data Export Data Export

- AgilOne processed data sets

- Export to FTP or cloud storage 

- Full vs Incremental support

- Automation

Marketers, analysts, business users

- 360 Customer Search (elastic search)

- 360 Customer Details (events, transactions, summaries, household, identities)

- Campaign history

- 360 Customer Delete (GDPR compliance)

Marketers, analysts, business users

As the CDP market continues to evolve, I believe we will see continued interest in how teams across the organization can tap into customer data to increase their own business KPIs. This is a fast-moving space, and the interest in, and importance of, customer analytics, will only continue to grow.