AgilOne Logic Can Vastly Improve Your Gifting Segments

June 06, 2018

AdobeStock_94412302For enterprise retailers, gifting is no joke. Reminding customers of reasons to purchase is a simple way to increase customer lifetime value and improve engagement. 

From year-round gift-giving opportunities like wedding and birthday gifts, to the major annual gift seasons like Christmas, it is important for retailers to segment their gift-givers and gift-receivers properly in order to capitalize on every gifting opportunity.

With AgilOne logic, retailers are able to digest and analyze shipping and billing information to produce trends. For example, if an order is placed where the shipping address and name are totally different than the billing address and name, AgilOne logic will determine that the billing customer is the gift-buyer, where as the receiving customer can be tagged as a gift receiver.

With this logic in place, AgilOne clients are able to segment their gift-buyers into one group and target them with gift-reminder campaigns around major holidays. Alternatively, the gift-receiver segment is now primed for acquisition campaigns as they already have a (hopefully) positive interaction with your company’s product. These are the perfect people to segment into paid advertising and direct mail campaigns.

While some checkout set-ups allow customers to check that their purchase is a gift, it is hard to trust that customers, while speeding through the checkout process, will always take the time to check that box. Using the AgilOne shipping vs billing logic, companies have a much more reliable segmentation of their gifting customers, and the more gift givers you can add to your segments for targeting, the better chance you have of re-converting them with future, target gift campaigns.