AgilOne on the 2017 Multi-Channel Campaign Management (MCCM) Magic Quadrant

April 21, 2017

images-1.pngGartner released the 2017 Multi-Channel Campaign Management (MCCM) Magic Quadrant (requires Gartner Login), in which Gartner analysts reviewed several vendors in the MCCM space -- including AgilOne. This is our third year participating in this MQ. Here are the highlights for you:

First, what is "Multi-channel Campaign Management" and how does AgilOne fit?

MCCM is a broad term for tools that help brands manage multi-channel campaigns. AgilOne is a Customer Data Platform that specifically helps enterprise B2C companies understand how to best engage their omni-channel customers and empower teams to execute highly personalized engagements across channels. Here is a break down of what Gartner looks for when evaluating: 

 MCCM Capabilities

  1. Basic campaign management, including functions for segmentation, campaign creation, campaign workflow and campaign execution.
  2. Advanced analytics functions, including predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics and campaign optimization.
  3. Advanced execution functions, including loyalty management, content management, event triggering and real-time offer management for both inbound and outbound environments.
  4. Integrated marketing engagements, including offers and leads with sales for execution in B2B and B2C environments. 
  5. Expanding digital marketing capabilities, including content marketing, video, digital signage, kiosks and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Gartner's overview of AgilOne in the 2017 MCCM MQ

"AgilOne is a Niche Player this year, strengthening both its MCCM and customer data platform (CDP) vision. Consider AgilOne if you're a B2C enterprise marketing team (particularly in the retail, travel and hospitality industries seeking a customer data platform with robust predictive analytics and core MCCM applications."


Product: AgilOne has roots in analytics with an emphasis on predictive capabilities, all evident in its AgilOne v.6 product. With tools and API support to integrate multiple sources of customer data (such as display advertising, social and offline), AgilOne merges disparate data from web, mobile analytics and point of sale (POS). This capability enables predictive next-best actions for customers and high-touch clienteling functions for retail marketers, providing an actionable view of customers and prospects. 

New capabilities: With v.6, AgilOne delivers a new UI in its MCCM platform. It features real-time data ingestion with API and data export capabilities, plus enterprise scalability. It also features Config App, designed to accelerate implementations and upgrades for unique business requirements and custom-made rules for user teams. Enhanced API capabilities give v.6 more ways to integrate with data management platforms (DMPs) and third-party data sources; and integrations with Oracle DMP, Oracle Datalogix and Acxiom are live in production. 

Roadmap: AgilOne plans to continue building out the platform's app connectivity in the first half of 2017, adding connectors for email service providers Selligent and Emarsys (both also in this Magic Quadrant). More connectors should follow, including Google, Twitter and euromessage (from Related Digital), and enhanced Facebook integrations. AgilOne plans to enhance its mobile capabilities. Later in 2017, AgilOne plans to add a mobile app software development kit (SDK), enabling mobile application instrumentation and partnerships with mobile data integrator mParticle. AgilOne also plans to enhance globalization, machine-learning capabilities and partner enablement.

References: AgilOne clients mention the company's ability to serve as a strategic partner as a key strength. Customers also score AgilOne highly for its product functionality and performance, and its future road-map and vision.


Learn more about CDPs

Gartner specifically recommends AgilOne as a CDP for enterprise B2C brands in retail, travel, and hospitality verticals.

To learn more about CDPs we have a webinar with David Raab, founder of the Customer Data Platform Institute here and a white paper on CDP requirements that will help guide enterprise leaders in identifying the right platform for their needs.



Want to see AgilOne in action? Watch our 4-minute platform demo to get a taste: 

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