AgilOne Partners & Integration

April 05, 2016

A clean, consolidated view of customer's omni-channel experience is crucial for retailers to stay competitive in 2016 and beyond.

Many retailers struggle with siloed data sources, siloed channels, siloed internal teams with conflicting goals. All of these silos keeps you from being able to provide consumers with aligned buying experiences. When you have your customer data & internal teams aligned, you can make it easier for customers to integrate your brand into their everyday life. Understanding if customers browsed online & bought in-store, their preferred channels, life-cycle status, and special events (like their birthday), you can provide them delightful customer experiences that boost loyalty, conversion, and retention. What is the end result? More revenue!

In our infographic below, we share how AgilOne partners with you existing ecosystem. This unified customer database provides you a:

  • Full view of their customers - behaviors, prefrences, omni-channel interaction, LTV, and more
  • Actionable Segmentation & Lists that can made into automated campaigns and sent out through email, web, social, direct-mail etc. - this can be done through AgilOne or our partners (your current tools!)
  • One platform for analysis of total business health and insights on preferred channels, potential revenue streams, and more

AgilOne has pre-built, bi-directional APIs with many partners. That makes it easy for you to layer our predictive insights, data quality engine, and customer database onto your existing ecosystem.

We hope you enjoy! Here is the infographic on our partners & integration advantages below & you can download it here.


Have any questions or looking to get your marketing tools and customer database connected? Or, looking to become a partner? Email us at to be connected with our consultants OR click here to get a demo.