AgilOne: Proud of our Diverse Work Family

February 02, 2017


Here at AgilOne we are proud of our diverse family. It's our variety of life experiences, perspectives, values, and ideas that makes our company a great place to work and grow. In fact, our AgilOne family comes from over 30 different countries and cultures across the world. The map shown here is displayed in the entrance to our headquarters and each pin denotes the various countries our team members are from.

Today I wrote a message to our employees regarding the recent immigration executive order. I wanted to ensure that, as a company and community, everyone feels safe, welcomed, appreciated, and wanted. I felt compelled to share here on our blog a bit of this message:


We all want our country to be safe. This is our common goal. Unfortunately, we feel the actions of the new administration around immigration and refugees are inhumane unjustified and makes us unsafe. 

As an immigrant from Turkey of Muslim descent (I am personally a non-believer-but-never-the-less), I cannot stay silent as I watch the American values being tested at its foundation. I came to America 25 years ago and made significant contributions to science and personally created 1000s of jobs over the years. I’ve lived here more years than in my home country and my kids were born and raised here and they are American first, Turkish second.

We want to let our community know that regardless of the recent order put into place, our family at AgilOne will continue to thrive off of diversity, support best and brightest including immigrants. Many of you have seen me pursue immigration issues relentlessly over the years. We will do whatever we can to maintain that and provide support for all of our amazing people, regardless of their origin, race and beliefs. America is a nation of immigrants and AgilOne is a company full of immigrants - amazing immigrants I might add! We will stand together as a company and support all of our people, customers and partners from all around the world. We are proud of our diversity!

I encourage the supporting of refugees as much as you can. They are in need of shelter more than anyone else. A recent Time magazine cover read "Whoever saves one human being saves all humanity", I was very moved by this. This country was founded by refugees escaping religious persecution from Europe 400 years ago. This is the time to stand together for humanity I have personally donated and I will also have our company contribute funds to ACLU to fight for the rights of immigrants and refugees against Trump’s executive order in court. We're stronger together.

Thank you, 

Omer Artun, Founder & CEO - AgilOne