AgilOne Retail Trends Snapshot: Health and Beauty Industry Insights

January 13, 2016

The Health and Beauty consumer is unique. Unlike fashion or home goods, health & beauty items run out, expire and need to be reordered. Customers trust certain brands, but marketing and the way we approach make-up, health & beauty, we promote an industry of experimentation – making loyalty an interesting challenge.

Thanks to blogs, Instagram and YouTube, customers have more access than ever to user reviews and enjoy researching new products. There is also the need for consumers to test the products out on themselves to see how they look, feel, smell and compare to similar products - cost sensitivity can play a role here as well.

More than any other industry, Health & Beauty retailers need to provide their customers with:

  • Seamless online & offline experiences for browsing, researching, testing, purchasing, and returning
  • Loyalty Programs that are clearly communicated and keep the customer engaged
  • Personalization in marketing outreaches – i.e. calling out distance to store in a post card, inviting close by VIPs to events, offering in store promotions, and reminding customers to reorder products (with new recommendations they might like!)

We’ve searched the web, and analyzed our own client & industry data to help you navigate the Health & Beauty industry for a strong 2016 roadmap. Below we highlight key marketing insights, trends and best practices for you to apply to your business.

Hope you enjoy below and feel free to download the health and beauty infographic here!