AgilOne #WallSitChallenge: Inspiring & Engaging our employee family with a little friendly competition.

February 27, 2017


We have all read about the dangers of sitting all day, and those of us with desk jobs can struggle to find a way to fit in the recommended stretches and walks. Even if you do try to move more, we often get so wrapped up in work we forget. Here at AgilOne our employee's health & happiness is so important to us that we wanted to make sure everyone got a little break from sitting... to... sit... 


In the spirit of "February Fitness" we started a weekly program that gets our teams up and moving. We pick an exercise for the week and get together everyday at 4pm to do the exercise, steadily increasing the amount of time or repetitions until we have our competition on Friday. On Friday, everyone competes to see who can last the longest for a special prize.  First up, we did a #WallSitChallenge!

We started with a 45 second hold, and worked our way up through the week. We had a lot of fun doing it and shared our photo (like the one above) on LinkedIn. Little did we know how the trend would take off! With 650,000+ views, 4,000+ likes and 300+ comments - everyone wanted to get involved! When our board of directors and the team from AtScale came to our Sunnyvale office for meetings, they joined in! Mobilitie joined in as well at their office. We even had our AgilOne team members from all around the US and UK join in remotely. Next up we have planks, squats, steps, and more. 

Now the question on everyone's mind... how long did the winner wall-sit it for? Almost seven and a half minutes! 


5 other ways you can get your teams up and moving

  1. Encourage teams to go on walks after lunch.
  2. Set up walking meetings or check-ins.
  3. Set a (quiet...) alarm on your phone to remind you to get up and move or stretch. 
  4. Convince your office to get stand up desks... or be truly silicon valley and get some exercise balls.
  5. Sign up for activities together! At AgilOne we have a yearly Ski trip, camping trip, and many of our team members get together for fun runs, mud runs, hiking, and rock climbing. It is a great way for separate teams that don't usually interact get to know one another - and those endorphins are a great moral booster too!

Tweet us @AgilOne what your company does to say healthy & active.

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