AgilOne Webtag integration through Demandware Cartridge or Magento Extension

March 26, 2015

demandware-integration demandware-integration

AgilOne is excited to announce our Demandware Cartridge and Magento Extension. Both of these are currently available in each company's respective marketplace, the Demandware Link Marketplace and Magento’s Connect Marketplace.

For retailers who utilize these e-commerce platforms, the cartridge/extension provide a compelling way to integrate with these platforms that would make the setup of the AgilOne Predictive marketing cloud even more simpler.

AgilOne Customers who use the Demandware Cartridge or Magento Extension can now integrate the AgilOne WebTag into their site in just a few clicks and also quickly start to utilize AgilOne’s Machine Learning derived onsite personalization that can significantly increase site conversion and revenue.

Specific benefits include:

  • Easy integration of the AgilOne WebTag into clients’ e-commerce sites, enabling clients to incorporate web browsing behavior into triggered campaigns
  • Integration of product page recommendations
  • Integration of personalized recommendations for a given users
  • Works with specified versions of Magento Community Edition and Enterprise Edition
  • Works with specified versions of Demandware Site Genesis

These benefits are in addition to all of the regular AgilOne Predictive Marketing Cloud benefits that our current clients have access to, including data management, data cleansing, customer data insights and omni-channel campaign automation.

For more information check out:
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