AgilOne’s Predictive Marketing Revolution Tour

August 06, 2013


The amount of customer data available to a company is their best opportunity to better understand their customers and tailor specific offers and email communications for them. In today’s day, there has never been a greater opportunity for customer analytics to drive revenue and value. AgilOne, a thought leader in predictive marketing is taking this conversation on the road this summer and if offering, to directors’ level and up, an exclusive night on the town with a group of handpicked retail and e-commerce executives for a world-class dinner and drinks and an exchange of ideas on big data and predictive marketing best practices on how to grow revenue by 30% using predictive marketing.

The dinner and exchange of ideas is being offered exclusively in a select few locations. Philadelphia on August 13th, San Francisco on September 12th and Chicago on October 1st.

At each location, the attending executives will have the opportunity to hear from one or more of the leading executives of Ideeli, Shazam, and a few others and how their companies have benefited from their partnership with AgilOne’s predictive analytics and marketing platform.

Are you an executive at a retail or e-commerce firm looking to increase your revenue through the power of predictive marketing? If so, we would love for you to join us.

Request your invitation to join AgilOne for a world-class dinner and an exchange of ideas on big data and predictive marketing best practices.

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Dates and Locations:

August 13 - Philadelphia, PA – R2L restaurant

September 12 - San Francisco, CA – Atelier Crenn restaurant

October 1 - Chicago, IL – Blackbird restaurant

October 23 - New York, NY – TBD