AgilOne’s Offline Connectors Enable True Omni-Channel Marketing for Retailers

August 13, 2019

NewUnderstanding how much value marketing campaigns are producing is crucial for all marketers, and attribution is one of the toughest parts of the marketing cycle to measure. But for most retailers, the divide between store transactions and online activity makes this very complicated to fully understand -- especially since for many retailers, more than 75% of business takes place offline in stores. Without connecting online advertising with in-store sales, retailers cannot get the full picture of a customer’s purchase journey, including whether online ad campaigns made an impact on offline sales.

To get a more comprehensive look, AgilOne lets you tie offline sales to online ad campaigns in Facebook and Google Ads on an automated and daily basis. These offline connectors give marketers a new way to accurately measure offline Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). By attributing in-store transactions to online ads, you can understand the effectiveness of digital advertising campaigns and use the results to optimize campaign strategies. With AgilOne’s offline connectors, you can track the transactions that occur in physical stores after buyers view or click on your online ads and measure how much total retail revenue is driven by digital advertising. Since AgilOne already receives offline transactions and events, we can automate the sending of these events to Facebook and Google Ads so that the process is seamless for the marketer.

How does it work?

With AgilOne’s offline connectors, Google and Facebook Ads match online ad impressions to offline transactions. Conversion is calculated by matching the digital ad impressions to transactions occurring within 1, 7, 28 days or various windows. AgilOne bridges the gap by providing the most comprehensive and reliable information of each buyer, thanks to our Identity Resolution Engine (IRE) technology.

AgilOne IRE brings sparse customer profiles together across siloed systems. It captures both anonymous and known customer identities, transactions, and events. All customer records are cleansed, deduped, and stitched together by emails, names, addresses, and any other criteria the brand would like to resolve regularly. In this fashion, AgilOne resolves a whole 360 view of customers and the most accurate transaction data for matching to online ad impressions. Since AgilOne cleanses data across all sources, and can enrich it with first and third party attributes such as income, demographic and social profile data, uploading data to offline connectors through AgilOne becomes far more accurate than uploading data manually.

Offline connectors in the real-world

AgilOne’s Facebook and Google offline connectors are now generally available for all clients. We’ve just completed an Early Availability Program (EAP) for these connectors with nearly 10 customers testing and giving feedback. Feedback has been incredibly helpful and positive, and the overall feedback is that large omni-channel brands are now able to understand the ROAS from digital ad campaigns in a way they were not able to before.

Offline conversion brings attribution to a whole new level. You can leverage offline conversion results to optimize your future campaigns and determine the most effective strategies in driving online and in-store revenue. It helps you understand the effectiveness of your online ads. By tracing offline activity, you can better understand the attribution and performance of your marketing efforts.