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Acquia to Acquire AgilOne to Deliver on CDP Vision and Disrupt Marketing Clouds

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What You Need to Know About the California Consumer Privacy Act

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Smart Online/Offline Attribution Strategies with a Customer Data Platform

A Marketer's Guide to GDPR: 3 Practical Tips for Compliant Personalization

Using a Customer Data Platform to Enable Personalization at Scale

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Don’t be Left Behind When it Comes to Predictive Marketing

Identifying and Marketing to your VIP Customers With a CDP

The Evolution of Email Design and the Impact on Marketing

How to Use a CDP to Engage Customers Outside the Realm of Marketing

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Running Loyalty Programs with a Customer Data Platform

How a Customer Data Platform Can Impact Digital Advertising

Optimizing Direct Mail with AgilOne

Mary Meeker's 2018 "Internet Trends Report" Roundup

AgilOne Is Named a Strong Performer in the 2018 Forrester Wave for Customer Analytics Solutions

Chatbots for Marketers

AgilOne Logic Can Vastly Improve Your Gifting Segments

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How Customer Data Platforms Take Web Tagging to the Next Level

AgilOne and the GDPR

Breaking Down Data Silos and the Importance of a Single Customer View

Why Customer Convenience Has to Start with Customer Experience

Hot Off the Press: New Customer Data Platform Research from Gartner

Webinar Notes: Why Customer Data Platforms; Why Now

Who is David Raab and the Customer Data Platform Institute?

Customer data platform news 12/22/2017

Webinar Recap – Maximizing Store Sales with a Customer Data Platform

The importance of browsing behavior around the holidays

Customer data platform news 11/10/2017

Tis' the season of gifting your customers with the marketing offers they really want

1 + 1 = 3: Enhancing Oracle Marketing Cloud with an enterprise customer data platform

How to Choose a Customer Data Platform: The Essential Requirements

Understanding the Difference Between CDPs and DMPs

AgilOne’s Customer Data Platform Summit Was a Resounding Success

Webinar Notes: Moosejaw's journey with deep customer personalization - what they discovered

Interview with David Raab of the Customer Data Platform Institute: Four Questions

Three Steps to Making AgilOne’s Customer Data Platform Summit Engaging, Inspiring, and Useful

Quick Tip: How to Unmask your Anonymous Browsers

Intern Insights: Intro to Customer Data Platforms

How is customer data changing the retail industry?

[IRCE Session Highlights] How Moosejaw Ventured into Deep Personalization--And What Happened Then

IRCE 2017 - Top Sessions To See

Is Email Marketing Evolving or Getting Reshaped?

Boost Relevance of Store and Digital Engagement with AgilOne and Euclid Analytics

Cross-Channel Marketing and How to Not Lose Sight of the Customer

AgilOne on the 2017 Multi-Channel Campaign Management (MCCM) Magic Quadrant

Webinar Recap: “How to Dismantle Organizational Silos and Set Your Customer Data Free”

Tumi and francesca’s Bridge the Online/Offline Divide with AgilOne

Webinar Notes - Executive Guide to Enterprise Customer Data Platforms

Join Our March 22nd Webinar: Your Guide to Enterprise Customer Data Platforms

AgilOne #WallSitChallenge: Inspiring & Engaging our employee family with a little friendly competition.

Five Reasons to Leave Your Marketing Service Provider for a Customer Data Platform

[video] lululemon & AgilOne NRF 2017 session: Building genuine customer relationships across channels

The Impact Digital Engagements Have on Store Sales [Infographic]

AgilOne: Proud of our Diverse Work Family

Five Steps to Predicting High-Value Customers Based on Their First Order

What will the customer do next? Hugo Boss knows...

Highlights from NRF 2017

Measure Your Holiday Sales Performance in 3 Steps

Configurability Changes the Game: Part 2 Five Examples of Meeting Unique Enterprise Needs with a Configurable, Agile Approach

AgilOne Makes Gains with Home Furnishing Brands: Jonathan Adler and Serena & Lily Share AgilOne’s Impact to Their Business

Take Our 4th Annual Retail Marketing Survey!

Configurability Changes the Game: Part 1 “Configurable & Agile” vs. “Custom and Cumbersome”

NRF's Big Show 2017, NY - Top Sessions to see!

Customer Data Platforms Continue to Gain Steam: Analyst Momentum to Watch

AgilOne for Home Furnishing Retailers

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lululemon Shares Early Success Using AgilOne 6 with Retail TouchPoints 2016 Can't Miss Sessions

Top Retail News & Good News for Retailers ft. Brexit

Top Retail News & Fun Fact Friday: What do Millennials spend on during the holidays?

[Infographic] United Kingdom Retail Trends

[webinar] Ashley Stewart, John Varvatos, & Jonathan Adler Share Their Holiday 2016 Strategies

Top Retail News This Week - New Trends Taking Over Retail

Retail Insights We Loved at GrowCommerce

5 Sessions to See at eTail East

PokemonGo for Your Retail Business

Top Retail News & PokemonGo for Retail

Top Retail News & Fun Fact Friday: The Average Holiday Transaction Size According to Channel

Top Retail News & Fun Fact Friday: What do Millennials spend on during the holidays?

Top Retail News & Fun Fact Friday: How much time is your customer on your website?

Retail TouchPoints - "CMO Conversation: Moosejaw's Dan Pingree"

Top Retail News - Snapchat, holidays, & Consumer Trends

Peter Glenn Outdoors - Case Study

Top Retail News & Fun Fact Friday: Snapchat! The new frontier

Dr. Omer Artun Shares: Top 6 Retail Trends

Top Highlights from IRCE 2016

Top Retail News & Fun Fact Friday: How many US marketers are using segmentation?

Top Retail News & FFF: Which US generation owns digital buyer share?

Top Retail News & Fun Fact Friday – How To Re-engage 1500+ of Your Customers

AgilOne Trends: Mobile! Infographic

AgilOne Overview - Infographic

The Definitive Guide To Predictive Analytics - An Info-graphic & eBook

Top Retail News & Fun Fact Friday – Abandoned Browse: The New Frontier

Top Retail News & Fun Fact Friday – How many abandoned carts can you save?

Top Retail News & Fun Fact Friday – How many VIP customers do you lose yearly? Webinar Ft. Mosheh Poltorak - Easy Wins for eCommerce

Clienteling: An AgilOne Hot Topic

Top Retail News & Fun Fact Friday – How many customers return & when to they buy? Case Study

Brewing Iced Tea & Marketing Strategies with DAVIDsTEA & AgilOne

Insights from AgilOne's NYC Marketing Leaders Dinner

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Sporting Goods Industry: AgilOne Retail Trends Snapshot

Home Goods Industry: AgilOne Retail Trends Snapshot

Top Retail News & Fun Fact Friday - "Your Top 10% of Subscribers Open 8x More Emails"

Fun Fact Friday & Top Retail News - Both Fashion Brands AND Health & Beauty Brands Can Profit from Replenishment Campaigns

AgilOne Partners & Integration

Harvard Business Review - "What Lilly Pulitzer Learned About Marketing to Millennials"

Fun Fact Friday & Retail News This Week - 37% of digital carts are made via mobile!

Webinar: DAVIDsTEA & Donald J Pliner Share Their 2016 Road-Map

Moosejaw: an AgilOne Customer Case Study

Fun Fact Friday & Retail News This Week - If you don't have clean data, you are missing out on 10% of your VIPs!

Fun Fact Friday & Retail News This Week - Abandoned Cart? Think Again!

Fun Fact Friday & Retail Trending News This Week

Mobile: AgilOne Retail Trends Snapshot

Single Customer View: An AgilOne Hot Topic

Predictive Marketing: An AgilOne Hot Topic

The Future of Omni-channel Retail & What We're Reading This Week

Retail Trends Snapshot: Post-Holiday Marketing Strategies - Turn Gift Returns Into Customer Loyalty

Omni-channel News & 2016 Trends Roundup

How to drive foot traffic to brick and mortar

eTail West 2016 Can't Miss Sessions: How to Create Your Cross Channel Future

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2015 Holiday Tips for Retailers & What We're Reading This Week

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CMO Series: Meet Leland, VP of Marketing at Jonathan Adler on Acquiring and Engaging Customers

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The Direct Mail Comeback

Reduce Your Dependence on Discounting

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Predict! Los Angeles: Five Retention Marketing Tips For Fashion Brands

Ten Reasons Why Building Customer Profiles On Your Own Is a Bad Idea

Ten Ways Marketing and Technology Teams Can Collaborate to Harness Customer Data

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The State of Retention Marketing: 73% of Customers Are One-Night Stands

Predictive Marketing News & What We’re Reading This Week on Growth & Transformation

Creating Customer 360 Profiles: How to Prepare Your Data For Analysis In Three Steps

Email marketing best practices: Predictive email marketing replaces batch and blast

Predictive Marketing News: 5 Tech Retail Trends, Big Data and Machine Learning Enrich Customer Experiences, Amazon Dash

OMNI-CHANNEL TRENDS: Store of the Future Happening Now

Predictive Marketing News: How Offline & Online Retail Are Changing The Game

OMNI-CHANNEL MARKETING 101: Bridging the Gap Between Online and Offline - How to align your marketing to today's omni-channel consumer journey

Omni-channel Trends: The Top 4 Resources on Consumer Behaviors & Trends in Omni-channel Retail

Direct mail and catalogs make a come-back

Predictive Marketing News & What We're Reading This Week: eCommerce Creates Catalogs, 'Smart Malls' Enhance Shopping, Ethics & Customer Privacy

AgilOne Webtag integration through Demandware Cartridge or Magento Extension

Adobe Marketing Cloud Review: 2015 Digital Marketing Summit Announcements

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There Can Be No Personalization Without Quality Customer Data and Behavioral Customer Data Integration

The definitive buying guide on what is a marketing cloud, and how to choose the right marketing cloud for you.

Marketing All Stars: Dallas Predictive Marketing Mavericks

AgilOne Partners with K.I.D.S. / Fashion Delivers to deliver "Better than Free" Events!

“Mobile is the front door to Target”

Second Annual Predictive Marketing Survey - Five Omni-Channel Marketing Trends

3 Ways Marketing Clouds Need to Evolve

Wall Street Journal Explores How Retailers Should Use Discounts

Last Minute Holiday Shoppers May Have a Lower Lifetime Value Than Those From Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Eight Things Retailers Can Do To Prevent Holiday Returns - Costing US Retail $375 Billion Annually

Christmas Marketing Plans and Business Value in Big Data - The Predictive Marketing Round Up

Gourmet, Hand-Roasted Coffee and Chocolate Retailer Cafe Britt Uses AgilOne's Predictive Marketing Cloud

Forbes Reveals 4 Things We Need for Big Data During the Holidays & Other Stories - Predictive Marketing Round Up

Dylan's Candy Bar Selects AgilOne to Understand and Build Personal Engagement With Customers

Types of Personalization Consumers Actually Want [Infographic]

3 Ways to Turn Your Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shoppers Into Repeat Buyers

Three Things TV and eCommerce Have in Common

Fashion & Technology: The new, lasting trend

8 Predictive Marketing Events at the DMA2014 Conference

AgilOne hosted Predict! Summit in New York City

The Top Tweets that Sum up the Omnichannel Focus at Shop.Org 2014 Summit

A List of All Marketing Events at Shop.Org 2014 Summit

Will Apple Pay Redefine the Shopping Journey?

How to Make a 360 Customer Profile

3 Wrong Ways to Segment Your Customers

AgilOne’s Customer Rebecca Minkoff Impresses at New York Fashion Week with 3D and Wearable Tech

10 Predictive Marketing Events at's 2014 Summit

Facebook's 20 Minute Downtime Costs More than $500,000

The Difference Between Segmentation and Clustering

Ten Ways to Identify Super Shoppers with High Lifetime Value

Gmail's Unsubscribe Button Is Not Affecting Your Churn Rate

Zappos Describes How They Deal with the 6 Most Common Big Data Challenges

AgilOne Customer Shazam Reaches 100 Million Users

Stop Working for Data and Start Making Big Data Work for You.

How Brands are Collecting Data without Losing Customer Trust

Small Companies Can Use Big Data Too, AgilOne and Shaklee Speak at GrowthBeat

The Missing Piece in a Customer's Life Time Value

Click-and-Mortar: 4 Ways to Digitize Brick-and-Mortar

From Clicks to Bricks: How Online Retailers Are Making the Move to Physical Stores

6 Surprising Uses for Big Data That You Might Not Already Know

In Case You Missed VP Levin's 'Revolution in Marketing' and Big Data Podcast, Highlights

Join Our Webinar With 100% Pure Founder On Understanding Key Data Insights on Jul. 23rd

VP Levin Talks Marketing Revolution and Big Data in Podcast Tomorrow

Better Targeting. Better Execution. MailChimp and AgilOne Make the Perfect Partnership.

Interview With Arif Damji of 500 Friends on the Future of Retail

FAQs about Canada’s Tough New Anti-Spam Law (CASL)

5 Retail Marketing Campaigns You Should Be Running

AgilOne is Headed to Chicago for IRCE

Marketing Mishaps: McDonald's and Lemonhead Reveal The World's Most Terrifying Mascots

Guess What? Gartner Named AgilOne a “Cool Vendor.”

Press Release: AgilOne Named a “Cool Vendor” by Gartner

Google's Newest Feature is Blurring The Lines Between Brick-and-Mortar and eCommerce

The Definitive Guide to Predictive Analytics for Retail Marketers has Arrived!

AgilOne Named Silverpop's Technology Partner of the Year

Five Reasons Your Content Isn't Going Viral [Infographic]

Mark Jeffery: Speaker Spotlight and Book Give-Away

Google Ramps Up in Fight for App Advertising and Other Marketing Stories - Agil Insider

David Meerman Scott: Keynote Speaker Spotlight

Rand Fishkin On Data-Driven Marketing at Moz: Video Sneak Peek

Twitter to Offer Mobile Ads Beyond Twitter In Bid for Revenue and Other Marketing Stories - Agil Insider

25 Things You Can Buy With 25 Million Dollars

Press Release: AgilOne Closes $25 Million Funding Round

AgilOne Closes $25 Million Funding Round to Fuel Global Expansion

Press Release: AgilOne Holds Data-Driven Marketing Virtual Summit

Rejoice! The AgilOne Data-Driven Marketing Summit Has Come to Solve All Your Marketing Woes

Like Facebook & Twitter, Google Reportedly Teaming With Data Providers to Track In-Store Sales and Other Marketing Stories - Agil Insider

What the Success of Google Shopping Express Really Means for Retail and Commerce

eBay is Betting on Bringing Commerce to Wearable and Other Connected Devices and Other Marketing Stories - Agil Insider

Evian's New 'Baby and Me' Spider-Man Commercial May Be the Best Marketing This Week

Author, Kaiser Fung, on Building the Data-Driven 'A' Team

11 Creative Retailers Who Nailed Their April Fools Campaigns

Retailers Need to Step Up Their Game. BI Intelligence's 'The Future of Retail' Shows the Rise of E-Commerce

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PayPal to Connect Mobile Ads to In-Store Visits and Other Marketing Stories of the Week - The Agil Insider

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The Top 5 SXSW Sessions for Data Driven Marketers

How Big Data Lets Retailers Show Customers Love on Valentine’s Day

AgilOne Experiences Hyper-Growth as Big Data Marketing Heats Up

A New Trend in Online Shopping: Mobile-only Visitors

How Traeger Grills increased click through rates 400% in 30 days

McKinsey Publication Supports Personalized Email Campaigns

Building the Case for Analytics

Effy Jewelry Adds Sparkle to Its Predictive Marketing Campaigns with AgilOne

AgilOne Hosts First Annual Data-Driven Marketing Summit

Let’s talk dirty - Dirty data and marketing outcome

Experts agree marketing is the killer app for predictive analytics

Traeger Wood Pellet Grills Heats Up Revenues with AgilOne Predictive Marketing Technology

AgilOne Survey Identifies Europeans as Leaders in Predictive Analytics Use

Pinterest Overtakes Twitter as #2 Social Network for Consumers

The Seven Virtues of a Customer Data Platform

AgilOne Survey Identifies 2014 Predictions for Big Data Marketing

Survey Predicts Big Year for Predictive Analytics in Retail

AgilOne in the Media: Teaching retailers how to deal with returns

AgilOne’s New Partners

AgilOne Data Reveals Men are Bigger Shoppers than Women

Ask the Experts - AgilOne Academy

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Customer Acquisition Using Predictive Analytics and Facebook

Three Predictive Analytics Pitfalls in Data-Driven Marketing

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AgilOne Continues on Solid Growth Path in Q3 2013

Electronic gift wrapping your digital gift this holiday season

Webinar: How to get customers to open your holiday email campaigns (and buy!)

10 Predictive marketing glossary of terms

Workshop: What brands and retailers need to know about Big Data to drive the bottom line

DMA13. Are you there? Attend “Delivering Increased Relevance and Revenue with Automated Emails”

10 Email marketing glossary terms for the marketer

Sealed With a Kiss Designs creates personalized emails with data science

Sealed With a Kiss Designs Dresses Up Its Marketing Campaigns with AgilOne

This Halloween's season's hocus pocus: personalization, predictive marketing and segmentation

UncommonGoods Boosts Customer Engagement with AgilOne

ExactTarget’s Connections 2013 rocking take-aways

Top 10 Trends in Tweets from ExactTarget Connections

ExactTarget Connections 2013: Here we come!

The top 5 most welcoming welcome emails

Announcing Partnership: Marketo LaunchPoint

100 questions to ask about your business

Top 5 best back-to-school email campaigns of the season

The State of Online Retailing: Big Data, Email and Personalization

Top 5 tips to appreciate your best customers

It’s here! New website announcement

Retention marketing campaigns the predictive way

The Big Four – eCommerce Trends from eTail East 2013

Five eCommerce Tips from eTail East Day One

Extra, extra! Read all about it! AgilOne Reports Rapid Growth in the First Half of 2013

Six retention marketing campaigns to implement today

Employee Spotlight - Client Success Manager shining star: Robin Baskin

AgilOne’s Predictive Marketing Revolution Tour

The size of your email list doesn’t matter

How to increase email revenue and decrease opt-outs (video)

How Mavi increased orders per customer 68%

AgilOne: Helping Moosejaw spread their creative messaging

Predictive marketing is the key to email revenue and marketing success

Moosejaw: predictive marketing not sexy, but a runaway success!

AgilOne Fits Exclusive Plus Size Clothing Retailer With Data Science To Target Customers

IGIGI, Exclusive Plus Size Clothing Designer Deploys AgilOne Enterprise Edition

How to Use Obama's Secrets to Micro Target Customers

The Predictive Marketing Roadmap: From One to Omni Channels

Predictive Marketing Product Talk

Six Predictive Email Marketing Tips

How to get started with Predictive Marketing?

Online retailer uses big data to reduce email unsubscribe rate 50%

Part 1 : A Distributed Genetic Evolutionary Tuning for Data Clustering

AgilOne Introduces Self-Learning Email Optimization Tool to Democratize Big Data for All Marketers

Marketers Don't Send Personalized Emails (Infographic)

Five customer intelligence tips from Forrester's Khatibloo

Data Clustering? don't worry about the algorithm.

Consulting the Braintrust: Wharton's Research Center for Customer Analytics

What's More Important: Brand Marketing or Predictive Marketing?

Big Data versus Right Data: The Customer Intelligence Revolution

Is Your Email Marketing Optimized?

It's not the last click; it’s the social activation that matters

Accenture tracks progress toward data-driven decision-making, cites rise in predictive analytics

Ready for Analytics 3.0? Predictive Analytics Software Gets You There

Efficient Development of Predictive Cloud Applications

Flavors of Lifetime Value

AgilOne Names Saravanan Chettiar as New VP Finance

Data Quality is King ⎯ When a Prediction API is Inadequate.

What you shouldn't need to know about Big Data and Machine Learning.

How to go beyond managing and start learning from Big Data Analytics

A Real View of Customer Experience Demands Big Data

Practical Advice on Customer Retention: Yaz Says it Right: Don’t Go

Do Marketers Lack the Optimization Tools They Need?

Industry luminary Scoble on AgilOne: How to Understand Your Customers on a 360 View

Stop Playing Whac-a-Mole: Accelerating Time to Answer

Keeping up with big data query technologies?

Next Up: Even More Optimization of Customer Experience

Are You Listening? Multi-Channel Customer Interactions Demand a New Approach

Marketing Technology Must Be Scenario-Specific for Maximum Impact

High-resolution marketing segmentation requires machine learning techniques

Ignoring the Data: Marketers' Mindless Pursuit of Lifetime Value

Forrester says predictive analytic tech growing in power, not ease of use

New Study Reveals Predictive Analytics Help Conquer the Customer Experience Challenge


AgilOne Launches Cloud-Based Predictive Intelligence for Marketers

AgilOne Secures $10 Million Series B Investment From Mayfield and Sequoia

Company Launch

AgilOne Customer Bosch Speaks at CloudBeat Today

Lifetime Value (LTV) Predictions- How to Make them Actionable and Relevant

Things to consider for Fractional Revenue Attribution

Big Data question: what to save for how long?

How to forecast using customer ensemble dynamics

Predictive Modeling - Methods and Uses

3 Tips For Using HubSpot's Blogging Application

How to improve revenue and margin through surgical pricing and promotions

Notes on our trial of columnar databases for analytics

Improving response from the house file: beyond RFM (Part 1)

Stop over/under mailing your email list – Start adapting email frequency to customer value and online behavior

Harvesting the full potential of email marketing through real analytics - Intro

Ways to enhance response modeling: model the household not the customer

Simpsons Paradox: Fundamental but common mistakes when analyzing multiple A/B tests

How to measure incremental lift: $XX off when you purchase $YY or more

Understanding customers beyond purchases: clicks, keywords and browsing behavior

What is Customer Lifetime Value (CLV, LTV)?