Single Customer View: An AgilOne Hot Topic

March 09, 2016

In our series - "AgilOne Hot Topic" - we deep dive into popular trends in retail, technology and common buzz words. The goal is to help you better define, understand and leverage best practices that top leaders in retail are citing in their successes. Today we discuss:

Single Customer View

Many vendors, analysts and executives seem to have a different terms for what it truly means to have a single view of their customer. Many times, it is easiest to have a single view of your digital customers. Getting their email, web, and online transaction data together. But is that good enough? Often times, VIP, new and even your regular customers are interacting with your brand and products on many different channels both digital and physical. And that is where we start to see some extra value in...

A Single Customer Profile

:  A single customer profile combines customer data from multiple data sources into a single view & generally contains profile, behavioral, & predictive customer data.


In the below infographic we share:

  • 3 types of customer data to collect for your single customer view

  • The impact and facts around having your customer data or channels siloed

  • 5 best practices in ensuring you have the best single view of your customers

  • How top retailers are using their Single Customer Profiles

  • The unique approach AgilOne takes to help retailers truly understand their omnichannel customers

We hope you enjoy the insights below!

If you are interested in speaking with our sale-team about connecting online & offline customer data into one, single, usable profile/view for your business, request a demo/personal consultation here.

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