Announcing Partnership: Marketo LaunchPoint

September 03, 2013

Marketo LaunchPoint Marketo LaunchPoint

We’re extremely proud to announce that we have joined Marketo LaunchPoint as their newest partner.

Marketo Launchpoint has the most complete ecosystem of marketing solutions that reaches out to Marketo’s 2,000+ customers and 23,000 users. Its complete hub offers performance-driven tools for small companies as well as global enterprises. The ecosystem brings the best technology, expertise and customer experience all together, so that marketers can drive better results in less time.

As the newest addition to Marketo Launchpoint, AgilOne helps marketers connect with the individual in every customer. AgilOne prescribes exactly the right marketing offer, makes each relationship more profitable, and simplifies the science of marketing.

Based on a data-scientist approach, AgilOne makes big customer data clean and smart. Then AgilOne recommends what immediate actions to take to increase revenue.

Additionally, Marketo’s own marketing automation platform is a complete and easy-to-use tool that streamlines marketing processes. With over 23,000 powerful users, it’s also a community that inspires marketers by pooling their knowledge and ideas together, in order to help other customers find and use the best marketing solutions.

By partnering with Marketo, we hope to reach Marketo’s customers and introduce them to the power of predictive marketing and how it can help increase the company’s email revenue up to 30% through our self-learning marketing algorithms. AgilOne is used by Shazam, Sports Authority, Moosejaw, ideeli, and

To see AgilOne’s partner page please click here.

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