Top Retail News & Fun Fact Friday – Top Ways To Drive Customers In-Store

April 21, 2016

"75% of shoppers are more likely to visit stores when they can find local information online"

The Top 5 most helpful local information to entice them into your store?

  • 75% – Price of item at a nearby store
  • 74% – Item is in stock at nearby store
  • 66% – Location of closest store with item in stock
  • 63% – Details about local stores (hours, phone number)
  • 59% – Map showing which stores carry the item searched for

In this Customer Think article, they dig into thefff4.21 top best practices to pull customers into stores! "One example of a retailer doing just this is The store shows local in-store inventory to consumers while they are browsing on their smart-device. According to Macy’s Group Vice President of Marketing Strategy Serena Potter, 'A shopper can take action if she sees that there are three pairs of shoes right now, in the size and color she wants, at a Macy’s that’s five blocks away.'"

So how do you leverage digital search & mobile use to drive traffic in-stores?

1. Invest in geo-targeting for emails & web (AgilOne clients can do it! Check out how Peter Glenn has seen huge lifts in foot traffic using likelihood to buy and distance to store models).

2. Include local information on your website that makes it easy for customers to understand the closest store to them, in stock items, specials, events, etc. Bonus: Make sure your review pages like yelp & google are up to date on information and monitor reviews

3. Host VIP events using likelihood to buy and distance to store models like this top Canadian outdoors retailer. Entice your VIPs to come in store with exclusive promotions & offers

4. Make sure to have a local social presence & promote in-store events or special promotions on social channels to engage customers through even more channels

5. Personalize via email! Going back to Customer Think, email is the most effective channel for retailers when it comes to personalized interactions with consumers. According to research by Criteo, 4 out of 5 retail marketers are using personalization in some way in their email marketing strategies. (31% Based on customer segment / specific rules, 23% Include customer name in subject line / email body, 20% Dynamic recommendations)

After you take a look at all these resources and map out how to use digital to boost in-store traffic, make sure to browse the top headlines for this week!


Top Retail News & Insights

Every Friday we post top trending retail news for you and are now introducing a fun fact to help you benchmark your marketing efforts against peers. Get the articles here.

1. Retail Dive: Discover How to Increase Effectiveness of Lifecycle Email Marketing

In the past decade or so, pop-up retail has been honed to a near-scientific art used by chain stores, brands and e-commerce companies to test new products and ideas. For example, e-commerce retailers can provide shoppers with a rare opportunity to touch and feel their goods. And though the pop-up format does take investment and planning, it doesn't require the long-term buy-in that establishing a traditional store does.

2. CMO: 5 ways retail marketers can be disruptive in the digital age

  1. Embrace the cognitive era
  2. New technology breeds new habits
  3. Take customer engagement to a highly personalized level
  4. Why it’s all about differentiating the customer experience
  5. Abandon legacy systems

3. WWD: Think Tank: Why Authenticity Matters for Female Shoppers

As 43 percent of Millennials value authenticity over content, these efforts alone are not enough. Today’s brands need to showcase real women embracing their products to reach the powerful female demographic. Authenticity matters not only because it fosters content that genuinely embodies shopper sentiment, but because it’s proven to more effectively reach consumers — and at a lower cost than stock photos and branded content.

4. NewsCred:Hello J. Crew: Bringing the Brand to Life Through Content

J. Crew is one of those brands that truly captures a particular aesthetic and loyal following. Their clothing is described as timeless, day to night, and a whimsical play on masculine and feminine silhouettes. On their site, they share a bit of insight onto their stylistic vision by saying “we don’t believe there’s just one way to wear an outfit, but we do have a few ideas on how to pull one together. For us, the magic is in the mix.”

With that sort of mission statement, there is no doubt that their content game is on point. Their blog,Hello J. Crew, is a beautifully crafted and editorially driven content hub that highlights their clothing, designers, travel guides, intriguing taste-makers, and much more. They bring their brand to life through the use of designers and “behind the scenes” features, stunning photography and design, and the perfect mix of content that maps the entire buyer journey.

5. Marketing Sherpa: Email Research Chart: Which campaign types are most used and effective?

In the chart, campaign types are sorted by usage from most to least popular. The five most commonly used email campaign types are newsletter (64%), email subscription (63%), email opt-in (63%), event or invitation (59%) and re-engagement (57%). However, the five most effective rated campaign types are loyalty (79%), exclusive deals (78%), social selling (77%), promotional content (77%) and mobile opt-in (76%).

Why do marketers tend to overuse the tactics they rate as less effective and to under-use the tactics they rate as most effective? Further, how can they overcome the barriers holding them back from using the most effective tactics more often? Check out the chart here!

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