Webinar Ft. Mosheh Poltorak - Easy Wins for eCommerce

May 05, 2016 Leader, Mosheh Poltorak, Shares Winning Digital Marketing Hints & Tips

If you are like us, you LOVE quality insights from retail leaders. Understanding their daily challenges and successes gives valuable inspiration for teams looking to create new, positive, customer experiences. This week, Mosheh Polotrak the Sr. Digital Marketing Manager at (a Home Depot Company), led this 30 minutes webinar sharing his strategy behind some of's most recent & successful campaigns.

Here is the full webinar recording and notes below - we hope you enjoy!

 Meet Our Speaker



Mosheh is passionate about data-driven marketing and living at the left-brain/right-brain intersection.

He is a dynamic and driven Product and Marketing professional with a varied background (financial services, eCommerce and real estate) and a track-record of delivering simple solutions to complex problems and driving business success.

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Overview of is the Largest online retailer of window coverings! Founded in 1996, they are celebrating 20 years! Acquired by The Home Depot in 2014, they are headquartered in Houston TX and are ranked ‘Top workplaces in Texas’ and ‘Best & Brightest’ nationwide.

Good news: THEY ARE HIRING :) ... and so is AgilOne!

Challenges, Goals & Results


The Challenges

Disparate and siloed data sources, didn’t allow for a unified view of customer behavior. This led to:

  • Ineffective ‘batch & blast’ email and direct mail campaigns
  • Superficial last-click, first-purchase attribution for paid channels
  • Very limited visibility into customer life-cycle behavior case study pictureThe Goals

  • Cleanse, dedupe and household customer-records
  • Optimize email & direct-mail marketing efforts based on propensity scoring & clustering/segmentation; as well as automated life-cycle triggers
  • Optimize PPC bidding based on Potential Lifetime Value

The Results

  • Over 30% increase in Revenue per email!!
  • Increased email reach (touching more people) while sending fewer emails overall
  • Double-digit percentage growth in email Open Rate and Click-Through-Rate
  • Generated 15% more revenue through Direct Mail
  • Improved Paid Search contribution (based on LTV)
  • Successful Facebook prospecting and re-targeting campaigns
  • And More!

Check out their Case Study that include all the details here!

They're Organization & Ecosystem has many tools to ensure they are providing the best customer experiences. AgilOne helps tie together all of their disparate data silos and constantly push and pull customer data so that both their data warehouse AND each tool are optimized.

data ecosystem

Their Campaigns


They hypothesized that by increasing frequency to highly engaged subscribers and reducing frequency to those less engaged would improve overall performance of channel and increase revenue. AgilOne’s email engagement models allowed us to pinpoint the best segments to target with our email communications.

Segmentation & Clustering

Thanks to AgilOne they now have a better view of our customers’ behavior and have begun utilizing that to provide more relevant timely communication, including:

  • Abandoned cart series
  • Post-sample ‘drip campaign’
  • Lapsed customer ‘win-back’ campaign
  • Purchase anniversary campaign
  • Customized welcome series
  • Brand & Category affinity

Direct Mail

They thought sending a “high-touch” letter from the CEO instead of a standard postcard would resonate more with higher value customers. Their “VIP” segments responded to the letter at almost twice the rate as the postcard!

Paid Search

Shifting their PPC bidding strategy from last-click, first-purchase attribution to include lifetime value, would yield higher-performance for our largest customer acquisition channel. Leveraging AgilOne’s ‘Predictive Lifetime Value’ to adjust bids, resulted in greater ROI and the acquisition of better long-term customers.


They leveraged AgilOne’s Facebook connector in ‘Actions’ to drive highly profitable prospecting and retargeting campaigns

  • “VIP” Look-alike prospecting audiences based on AgilOne LTV & Propensity segmentation
  • Retargeting to email opt-outs and non-opt-ins
  • Retargeting to lapsed customers

Questions From The Audience

They audience brought some great questions to the table including:

  • How are your analytics and marketing teams structured? What does the journey look like to go from customer insights to actionable campaigns
  • What email platform and tools do you use to get such deep insights on your customers?
  • What are your most valuable models? Have you played with clustering based on seasonality or region?
  • What does your life-cycle look like as a home goods retailer? How are you measuring active & lapsed customers?
  • How did AgilOne find your customers to re-target on Facebook? Or, Facebook look-a-likes?

Want to hear his full insights & answers? Listen to the webinar recording here to get the full story behind each of the bullet points we have outlined in the notes up here - we hope you enjoy and can join us on our next webinar!


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