Boost Relevance of Store and Digital Engagement with AgilOne and Euclid Analytics

May 09, 2017

Today, AgilOne and Euclid Analytics announced a new integration for omni-channel retailers. It provides marketers an enhanced single view of the customer that includes customer data captured in the store. The integration brings Euclid’s dynamic in-store profiles into AgilOne’s customer data platform to help marketers bridge the online-offline divide and provide more orchestrated personalized engagement across all channels. (To save your seat in our upcoming webinar about this announcement, be sure to register now.)

JOANN Stores boosts relevance of engagement with AgilOne and Euclid Analytics

JOANN Stores, the nation’s leading fabric and craft retailer, uses Euclid Analytics and AgilOne to increase high-intent, in-store shopper visits.

“Deploying Euclid Analytics along with AgilOne will enable us to launch campaigns retargeting in-store shoppers who have left without purchasing, with personalized emails and display ads. We will now directly attribute in-store visits to specific email and advertising campaigns, pinpointing which marketing efforts are the most effective.”

  - Steve Miller, VP Marketing and Business Development at JOANN

JOANN is using the integration in order to:

  • Deliver more targeted, relevant messages
  • Drive increased lift relative to other behavioral advertising

Retailers’ opportunity: differentiating based on real experiences

Charlie Cole, Chief Digital Officer at Tumi, recently recorded a presentation video where he discussed the importance of “differentiating on something other than price – or Amazon will kill you.” In the video, he makes a strong case for differentiating based on authentic customer experiences at every opportunity the brand has with a consumer. And to strong results: after implementing a customer-centric strategy, Tumi increased revenue by nearly 7%, and increased full price sales by 28.5% -- with triple this growth projected in 2017.

The opportunity for retailers lies in bringing together data from store and other in-person experiences where transactions don’t necessarily occur, and integrating this into a single customer view that encompasses all event, engagement, and transactional data.

Here’s a case in point: more than 90 percent of smartphone owners visit brick-and-mortar stores at least once a week, and 67 percent shop in store because they like to see, hold and try on products before buying. With an increasingly distracted, mobile-first consumer, the only way to convert shoppers across different channels is through integrated, cross-channel marketing campaigns that build unique and personalized experiences.

How It Works

Euclid Analytics collects first-party data, with permission, through existing Wi-Fi within stores, and sends information on individual store shoppers to AgilOne.

AgilOne uses predictive models to understand customer behavior and real-time APIs to orchestrate personalized engagement across all touch points.

By leveraging these permission-based, in-store profiles, Euclid enhances AgilOne’s single customer profiles with new, high-intent audience segments complete with behavioral attributes that illuminate in-store behavior regardless of purchase. When these insights are used to build lookalike audiences for social media advertising, for example, retail marketers can effectively expand their reach, acquire new customers, and increase return on ad spend.

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Be sure to register for our upcoming webinar where Steve McDermott from AgilOne and Brennon O’Donnell from Euclid Analytics will share success from JOANN Stores and other enterprise retailers.