How Predictive Marketing Is Reimagining the Future of Retail

September 11, 2015

2 weeks ago, we hosted a book launch party, Predictive Marketing, that included a panel discussion on "How Predictive Marketing Is Reimagining the Future of Retail" at the Norwood Club, NYC.

In addition to the historical venue, everyone seemed to have a great time. We had an all-star turnout that included Godiva Chocolatier, David Yurman, Elizabeth Arden, Penguin Random House and FULLBEAUTY Brands. AgilOne clients included Vineyard Vines, Lily Pulitzer, The Body Shop, Ashley Stewart, Intermix and Harper Collins US.

Omer, our CEO and newly minted author of the Predictive Marketing Book, opened up the night by talking about upcoming retail trends which led into an awesome panel discussion. The panel discussion is "How Predictive Marketing Is Reimagining the Future of Retail,” and included retail experts James Rhee, CEO at Ashley Stewart; Jarrad Berman, Head of Digital at INTERMIX; Julian Chu, Digital Marketing and eCommerce Executive at Castanea Partners; and the host of the night, Dr. Omer Artun. The panel was moderated by Retail industry influencer and NRF STORES editor, Susan Reda.

The panel discussion covered the following topics -

  1. A brief glimpse into how their organization is changing to better engage customers.
  2. Some of the important trends or cultural shifts they see impacting retailer health and examples of how they are addressing them.
  3. How traditional organizational roles are changing to create more customer-centric companies
  4. Actionable words of wisdom and advice for marketers and retailers to help them re-imagine how their brands connect with customers.

Don’t worry, you might have missed the party, but you don't have to miss the panel!

watch here

Enjoy Watching! 

P.S. Also, don't forget to buy your copy of the book here!