Clienteling: An AgilOne Hot Topic

May 05, 2016

In our series - "AgilOne Hot Topic" - we deep dive into popular trends in retail, technology and common buzz words. The goal is to help you better define, understand and leverage best practices that top leaders in retail are citing in their successes. Today we discuss:


: Clienteling is a technique used by retail sales associates to establish long-term relationships with key customers based on data about their preferences, behaviors and purchases.

Clienteling is a hot topic among leading retailers today. Leveraging customers data and new technologies to provide top tier service in-store, online, & call-centers. 


Who can leverage clienteling?

  • In-Store Managers
  • In-Store Mobile Devices
  • Store Sales Reps
  • Call Center
  • And More!


What Can they leverage clienteling for?

  • Special Events
  • To Align Channels and provide seamless customer experiences
  • Provide Personalized Service on mobile devices if sales reps are unavailable
  • Help reps in-store on in the call-center view customers LTV and other key attributes to make recommendations and up-sell suggestions
  • The possibilities are endless!


Who is already using Clienteling?

Top brands like Jonathan Adler are using clienteling already! Check out how in our newest info-graphic here. Feel free to download here and share socially.


We hope you enjoyed these insights!

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