VP Levin Talks Marketing Revolution and Big Data in Podcast Tomorrow

July 14, 2014

During a Crimson Marketing Moneyball Podcast tomorrow, AgilOne’s VP of Marketing Dominique Levin will talk about how big data along with consumer expectation is creating waves in the industry, erupting in what she believes to be “a revolution in marketing.” She reveals how savvy marketers can now evolve along with the changing climate of e-commerce and the modern consumer.

"Marketers need to be data driven [in order to] actually have an opportunity to reconnect with their customers and deliver happiness to each and every customer," Levin says during the podcast before explaining that being data-driven means being aware of and understanding patterns.

Consumers buy in patterns and knowing those patterns leads to better, tailored marketing which keeps the customer happy and thus generates higher revenue. In order to gather and understand these patterns companies are looking for some sort of magic tool, or "magic box" as Levin calls it, that can interpret and summarize intimidating big data into comprehensive and usable information. Levin explains how companies like AgilOne have become this "magic box" companies have been looking for, created from the "perfect marriage between human intelligence and machine learning" and helping companies meet and excel beyond the expectations of their customers.