Configurability Changes the Game: Part 1 “Configurable & Agile” vs. “Custom and Cumbersome”

December 12, 2016


The Case for Configurability

Every brand is a special snowflake of sorts. Their uniqueness blossoms as a result of research, experience, trial and error, and it comes from a solid brand and market understanding. Nowhere is this uniqueness felt more strongly than in omni-channel customer marketing, where each brand has its own way to segment their customers and engage with them, and measure success.

When it’s time to implement a customer data technology platform, this uniqueness can cause problems. Most platforms are built with a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing, with no room for uniqueness. This puts marketers between a rock and a hard place: they must either compromise on their own business requirements, or spend a lot of time and money shoehorning customizations into a platform that wasn’t made to support variation.

And shoehorned solutions? Built on the assumption that nothing about a business will change, these solutions place a stranglehold on innovation and agility. Rather than future-proofing a business, a custom-built solution can’t support the evolving needs of a brand over time or keep up with the rapid pace of marketing technology expansion and growth.

There’s Got to Be a Better Way

There is a better way, and it’s called AgilOne. The opposite of a static, custom-built solution, we built our platform to be configurable across the entire stack. That is to say, every unique business requirement can be configured right into AgilOne’s SaaS-based enterprise platform. Our configurability-based approach enables agility, encourages innovation, and supports a brand’s needs over time, no matter how those needs evolve. AgilOne adds a value multiplier to a brand’s entire ecosystem, and every tool and engagement point reaps the benefit. As two examples, in-store engagement improves when the associates facilitating that engagement can leverage a 360-degree customer profile. Online engagement improves when website testing and targeting tools can leverage a single customer view.

AgilOne also provides frequently used metrics, summaries, and rules right out of the box, giving marketers quick time to value and easy instant wins. This combination of immediate value + infinite configurability is the essential combination marketers need to be competitive in our customer-driven, omni-channel world -- now, and in the future as this world evolves.

Configurable & Agile

Custom & Cumbersome

Business-specific requirements can easily be used across the ecosystem and for any use case

Business-specific requirements are limited to predefined use cases

Nimble to any changing needs; future-proofed

Not easily adaptable to changes; ongoing services costs

Quick time to value

Slow time to value

Low total cost of ownership

High total cost of ownership

Now that I’ve established why configurability is important, the next blog post will provide five real-world examples of how enterprise B2C brands are taking advantage of AgilOne’s configurability-based approach to meeting unique needs.