Customer Acquisition Using Predictive Analytics and Facebook

December 06, 2013

FB Customer Audience
AgilOne is excited to introduce a new feature that allows you to leverage AgilOne’s predictive analytics platform to gain new leads on Facebook. Facebook’s Custom Audiences enables advertisers and marketers to reach existing and new customers on Facebook. Through the use of email addresses, Custom Audiences lets you find the appropriate leads to target. AgilOne now allows you to use its predictive analytics platform to create email lists that automatically generate Custom Audiences on Facebook - allowing marketers to integrate the data collected through Custom Audiences with Facebook Ad campaigns. As a marketer or advertiser, you can put this feature to your advantage in following ways:

Reactivate customers:  Use AgilOne’s email stats to generate lists of customers who have opted-out of your email campaigns or are no longer engaged. AgilOne’s email stats help you identify different types of disengaged users, and customers who are not responsive to your email campaigns can now be reengaged via Facebook.

Lookalike Audiences campaigns:  Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences campaigns allows you to acquire new leads who have similar profiles to your existing customers (country restrictions apply). You can now use any of AgilOne’s propensity models (for example Propensity to Buy) to discover similar leads on Facebook.

Suppression of existing customers:  Increase effectiveness of your Facebook campaigns by targeting audiences who are not your existing customers. You can accomplish this by creating Custom Audiences for your existing customer base. This audience can be tagged as, “Excluded Audience List,” in your Facebook campaigns.

Behavioral campaigns: Leverage any of AgilOne’s segmentation models (behavioral, brand-based or product clusters) and run a Lookalike Audiences campaign on Facebook. This allows you to creatively find people who engage in similar behaviors as those found in your databases.

In summary, AgilOne and its Facebook Custom Audiences integration is a powerful way to leverage predictive analytics to boost new leads that will convert to customers with the correct marketing strategy.

There is no time like the holiday shopping season to put your most creative campaigns to work. And be smart about your targeting! If fall into a rut, let us know. We’re here to help.

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