Customer data platform news 11/10/2017

November 16, 2017


Here are the top articles and trending news around customer data platforms (CDPs), including topics on customer data management, analytics, and orchestration that are relevant for enterprise brands. 

CDPs: the next marketing advantage


This Forbes article provides an excellent introduction to CDPs -- what they are, why brands need them, and where the CDP market is headed. With insights from analysts like Forrester Research, you'll learn how CDPs are helping brands maximize customer profitability.


Amazon launches first two furniture brands

Furniture Today

Amazon launches two furniture brands: Rivet and Stone & Beam. The retail furniture industry should be on high alert with Amazon now lurking as a true home furnishings competitor. With customers increasingly turning to Amazon, retail brands need to make sure they are leveraging everything they can (like a CDP) to drive loyalty through personalization. 


Facebook introduces a Messenger plugin for business websites


Learn about the beta launch of a new customer chat plugin from Facebook Messenger. The plugin will allow customers to talk directly with businesses on their websites using Messenger, and continue those conversations across web, mobile and tablet devices. Messenger reaches some 1.2 billion monthly users and it supports features like payments, bots that understand natural language, and rich media. Is this something to consider for your business?


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