Customer Data Platforms Continue to Gain Steam: Analyst Momentum to Watch

December 07, 2016

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As a Customer Data and Engagement Hub, AgilOne firmly resides in the new category that Gartner and other industry analysts have dubbed the “Customer Data Platform (CDP).” CDPs like AgilOne are gaining increased attention from large omni-channel brands that need to:

  1. Integrate and cleanse offline and digital customer data that comes from many sources
  2. Understand their customers holistically, and
  3. Enable consistent, authentic engagement across channels

Unlike a traditional marketing service-based approach to solving these challenges, CDPs are SaaS-based platforms that directly empower marketers with access to and complete use of their brand’s first party data.

New Gartner Report Highlights the Urgency for CDPs

Just recently, Gartner published Innovation Insight for Understanding Customer Data Platforms (available with a Gartner subscription), which gives a comprehensive overview of the CDP landscape, and includes specific recommendations for how to evaluate CDP vendors. The report, which is the first comprehensive piece of research from Gartner on the topic, names AgilOne as one of the CDP vendors that meets all the required criteria of the category.

“The CDP is garnering interest from marketing leaders, thanks to a compelling promise – providing a holistic view of the customer to help execute and optimize personalized journeys,” Gartner Analyst Christi Eubanks wrote to describe the rise of the category.

New Institute Educates Brands on CDPs

As further evidence of the category’s recent momentum, industry Analyst David Raab recently launched the new Customer Data Platform Institute, of which AgilOne is a founding sponsor. According to Raab, the CDP Institute’s mission is to “educate marketers about CDP capabilities and to help them take full advantage of these powerful new systems.” Look for ongoing first party research from the Institute that can help brands narrow their search for the right CDP for them. 

Highlights from the Gartner Report

Gartner’s Innovation Insight for Understanding Customer Data Platforms report explores why we have seen rapid growth in the CDP space.

“The CDP addresses an acute need for marketers who, tasked with revenue accountability and customer experience, seek to unify their customer data across multiple channels, devices and life cycle stages. The role of the CDP is not to create another database or source of customer data, but to synchronize customer data for personalization and journey optimization across all possible touchpoints.”

The report goes on to describe how different CDP vendors approach connecting data together for better engagement.

“For marketers using multiple point execution tools, the CDP provides the connective tissue between and among them to integrate the marketing stack and enable orchestration across the web, mobile, email, social and so forth. Most CDPs focus on the operational use cases, but some lean more toward customer analytics use cases, collecting historical data and preferences to predict how customers will respond to different marketing treatments.” It’s worth noting that AgilOne focuses on all of these points, not just one or some of them.

The report makes a strong case for why enterprise brands that rely on multiple touches across channels to drive their revenue need a CDP.

“The unified view of the customer, enabled by the CDP, creates more efficient marketing through better targeting and coordinated orchestration, provides better visibility into the full customer journey, and enables personalization, thereby improving the customer experience. The bottom-line value of personalization is increased conversion, reduced churn and improved customer loyalty. Gartner predicts that, by 2018, organizations that have fully invested in all types of online personalization will outsell companies that have not by more than 30%.”

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