Do Marketers Lack the Optimization Tools They Need?

February 13, 2013

Have you ever read through an article, then read back through it again because it felt like something was missing? That’s what I did when I read Steve Olenski’s article in Forbes, “Content Marketing And E-Commerce Tops Digital Marketers Priority List for 2013,” which chronicles a report from Econsultancy on marketers’ priorities for 2013. What caught my attention was a little cognitive dissonance – even though “social media engagement” was listed as one of the top priorities for 2013, with 38% of respondents listing it as among the top three priorities, the report also showed a decrease in prioritization of “social media analytics,” from 19% to only 9%.

How can that be? How can we engage effectively, without conducting analysis of every touch point, even the hard ones? Does this mean that marketers are de-prioritizing social media analytics because they have it all figured out? Or is it because the social media analytics they’ve attempted to date haven’t helped them optimize their engagement with customers and partners? Are the social media analytics these folks have investigated in a silo, or do they meld with other data sources? The Econsultancy “Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing” report says the consultants interviewed “more than 700 digital professionals” and have themselves concluded that “social media analytics as a focus is (worryingly) not on the radar as a priority for many companies.”

From this report, Olenski infers that although marketing optimization matters, few marketers know how they will go about it, which begs the question of whether they are finding marketing optimization tools to fill the gap between interest and action. Here at AgilOne, we have the answer!