Donald J. Pliner: Slip Into Predictive Marketing

June 24, 2015

On June 4 Marketlive announced a partnership with AgilOne. The announcement also included an interesting story about our mutual customer Donald J. Pliner.  It is a very good example of how luxury brands can leverage machine learning and predictive analytics to grow their businesses. See here for the full Marketlive Press Release.

About Donald J. Pliner

Donald J. Pliner was founded in 1989 by the designer Donald Pliner. Pliner was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Donald and his brother, Elliot, worked as apprentices to their father, Leo, at the family owned Pliner’s Florsheim Family Shoe Stores. Donald first established his own retail store Pappagallo in Beverly Hills in 1967, and quickly rose to prominence when he opened his second store, the Right Bank Clothing Co. (RBCC) also in Beverly Hills. RBCC quickly became the go-to source for fashion and served as the first American outlet for major European designers. In 1984, Intershoe recruited Pliner to head a new line of Spanish-produced footwear called Glacée and soon thereafter in 1989 the Donald J Pliner Company was established, offering luxury branded footwear. The company grew to five company-owned retail stores located within US major cities and its products were also available through online retailers and sold throughout 400 specialty stores and upscale department stores. In 2011, Pliner sold a majority interest in the Donald J Pliner Company to Castanea Partners. Pliner announced on April 7, 2015 that he is leaving his current position as Creative Director of the Donald J Pliner Company in order to pursue new creative endeavors.

How To Grow Online Revenues 50% in Two Years

Luxury footwear and accessories brand Donald J. Pliner leveraged AgilOne's capabilities to merge its customers' digital and physical identities into complete customer profiles, creating a unified view of its customers for the first time. The brand was then able to identify a forgotten segment of repeat buyers and launch successful reactivation campaigns targeting them. The company was also able to identify VIP customers, understand their repeat purchase patterns and communicate with this important segment at the right times. As a result of these and other strategies, the company's online revenue has grown by nearly 50% over the past two years.

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