Dylan's Candy Bar Selects AgilOne to Understand and Build Personal Engagement With Customers

December 05, 2014


AgilOne announced earlier this week that we will be helping the iconic candy emporium, Dylan's Candy Bar, better understand their customers and in turn increase engagement. The company has a unique brand founded on the ideal of a modern day Willy Wonka Factory. The company is always evolving with a rapidly growing e-commerce site and number of stores across the country. They were looking to maintain this same unique, strong, childhood dream brand to all of their customers, in store and online. With AgilOne, Dylan's Candy Bar discovered they could understand their customers' purchasing habits, what products they like, when they prefer to shop and other actionable information which they could then turn into personalized campaigns that represent the brand and are relevant to their customers.


AgilOne CEO, Omer Artun, is excited to have Dylan's Candy Bar as a customer. "We love to help bold brands deliver their unique customer experience to customers across channels with content that is truly relevant to them. AgilOne is reshaping the way retailers use customer data to drive personal engagement and increase sales and brand loyalty. We can't wait to see the unique ways this company uses the data and insights gathered from our predictive analytics cloud."

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