eBay is Betting on Bringing Commerce to Wearable and Other Connected Devices and Other Marketing Stories - Agil Insider

April 07, 2014


This weeks Agil Insider is a quick dive into what the future of commerce has in store for consumers. We all know that eCommerce and online retail have given consumers a level of convenience that in-store experience haven't been able to catch up with. The newest innovation in eCommerce might make it even easier for consumers to spend less time in stores and more time doing, well, everything else. We’re talking about gadgets! It seems as though eCommerce giants are seeing smart gadgets as part of our near future, especially when it comes to retail.

The Free Gadget That Amazon Hopes Will Compel You to Order More Stuff - Lots More Stuff

What could possibly make me order more stuff than I already do from Amazon? This interesting new piece of hardware may be just the thing. Amazon has created the Dash, a handheld gadget that lets customers add products to their shopping lists by simply scanning a barcode. What happens if you don’t have a barcode to scan? Simply press the microphone button and tell the Dash exactly what you want. The voice recognition software will add your request right to your shopping list. For now, the Dash will only give you access to AmazonFresh, the companies grocery-delivery service. It is currently available in Seattle, San Francisco, and Southern California.

This is definitely a new and interesting way to bring online shopping into the home in a more ‘hands-on’ sense. Giving consumers an even easier way to order and deliver goods could help Amazon cash in on sales more frequently. Consumers have always considered convenience when purchasing from retailers, and the Dash might be the most convenient new gadget we’ve seen so far. Watch the video below and read the full article at Venture Beat.

eBay is Betting on Bringing Commerce to Wearable and Other Connected Devices

It looks like eBay is embracing the not-so-distant future of commerce. Wearables and other connected devices have become the new focus of eBay’s brand new group of internal engineers and designers. eBay’s Innovations and New Ventures group is hoping to bring commerce to any mobile device with a screen. eBay has already developed apps for smartwatches like the Samsung Galaxy Gear and the Pebble smartwatch. Steve Yankovich, head of the Innovation and New Ventures group, sees a future where our smart devices use personalization, sensors, and historic behavior to create an effortless buying experience for consumers. Yankovich calls it Zero Effort Commerce (ZEC).

As marketers, one thing we’ve been seeing a lot lately is the rise of mobile advertising and marketing. With commerce giants like eBay jumping into the realm of wearable and intelligent commerce, marketers might want to start thinking about how they can embrace wearables as a possible ad serving platform. Are wearables the future of commerce? Read the full article at Tech Crunch and share your thoughts in the comments below.