Electronic gift wrapping your digital gift this holiday season

November 01, 2013

If you are a retailer looking for creative ways to make more revenue this holiday season, look no further. Electronic gift wrapping is the new cool thing to get on board with. What is electronic gift wrapping? Well, even as retailer you are also a consumer and consequentially also an occasional gift receiver. So what would make your gift receiving experience a thousand times more exciting? Knowing that the sender went the extra mile; just for you.

This piece gives you the insight into what this new, cool, electronic gift wrapping thing is and how you can leverage it either as a retailer or as a consumer.

Have you ever felt like you are taking a shortcut when you buy someone a gift online? Maybe the feeling of inadequacy comes from not leaving the house to find the right gift, or not taking the time to beautifully giftwrap it and deliver it by hand. Some online ecommerce retailers will allow you to add a personalized note with a limited amount of characters; but that doesn’t even seem to quite cut it at times. There is a new and innovative idea in town. Electronic gift wrapping is making its way into the ever growing online shopping arena.

What is electronic gift wrapping?

Electronic gift wrapping is a way to dress up the gift that you buy online for your loved one. Electronic gift wrapping can be utilized in a variety of different ways. It can be as simple as shopping from a company that for a few extra bucks will wrap your gift with the gift wrapping paper of your choice and have it delivered to the recipient or it can be a collage of photos with a greeting card that goes along with the electronic gift, or anything in between.

Why would I want this service?

Gift wrapping shows that you’ve gone that extra mile for that person you care about. You’ve put thought, time and effort into their gift and you should be able to express that. Next time you’re online shopping for someone else think about the delight they will feel when they receive your gift. Now imagine the excitement and happiness they’ll feel when, for example they receive your digital gift (gift card, or online voucher for example)  and it comes along with a video of you telling them what you would like to say in person, or a collage of pictures of you two together and a nice greeting card. Or imagine the excitement of your loved one when he or she receives your delivery gift and it’s wrapped in beautiful gift wrapping paper and lush ribbons. Doesn’t that sound so much exciting than receiving a plain old email saying “You’ve got a gift” or a shipment box with nothing exciting to show or what might be inside?

Excitement sticks – leverage it.

In addition, think of all the brownie points you’ll get on social media (either as an individual sender or as the company) from the recipient once your gift is delivered. If your gift goes that little extra mile, it’s sure to at least make it on to Instagram for everyone to sown over and complement you.  Think about it, you can even take this idea a little further. And leverage this awesome idea to also reel in the recipient. It may be the recipient has never heard of you as a retailer. Take the time to stuff the boxes with a discount promo or follow up with a small freebie asking how they enjoyed your product.

How can I do this?

As the holiday season ramps up consider using electronic giftwrapping from companies such as Smartgift and Giftwhip among many others, or even partnering with one of them to make your shoppers’ online holiday shopping experience even better. As a retailer, you can sit comfortably having surpassing your expected holiday season revenues thanks to electronic gift wrapping.

What other tips and tricks do I have?

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