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June 24, 2016

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 Top Retail News & Insights

1. News Cred: 7 Reasons Why It’s Time for Marketers to Stop Ignoring Snapchat

*Love to say we told you so... did you see our Fun Fact Friday last week all about Snapchat? :)

More than 150 million people use Snapchat every day now, compared to around 140 million using Twitter daily. So while many have been brushing Snapchat aside as kids’ stuff, Snapchat has been busy accumulating more users than one of the world’s foremost social networks.

Twitter defined the category of real-time social media. Many marketers, news outlets, customer service teams, and more have had great success with Twitter, and I’m sure they’ll continue to do so. No one is suggesting you abandon Twitter for Snapchat. But if you have a mobile-loving audience and the ability to test a new storytelling format, I highly suggest you give Snapchat a spin.

2. McKinsey&Company: Meet Today's American Consumer

Whereas in our 2014 survey 40 percent of Americans said they were living paycheck to paycheck, only 28 percent made that claim in 2015. Only 23 percent of survey respondents, down from a high of 48 percent in 2009, said they are finding it harder to make ends meet than they did a year ago. Most Americans—65 percent—expressed no concern about losing their job. In general, fewer American consumers are feeling economic pressure today than at any time since 2008 (Exhibit 1).


3. The Digital Claitry Group: Retailers Can Win with Relevance in the Next Holiday Season [eBook]

The challenges for traditional in-store retail are many, and they are growing in intensity. Primary among these are dedicated e-commerce sites (especially Amazon), social platforms (especially Facebook), the pressing need to integrate physical stores with digital services, and the relentless flood of data that can drown an organization.

In this report, we analyze each of the holiday retail challenges in turn in order to understand their most seductive and attractive features, which can potentially be imitated and improved by retailers. We then consider how the strategic use of data can support highly relevant relationships with consumers and ensure a happy holiday season.


4. Retail Customer Experience: Digital Marketing Spend to Jump Big by 2020

A new Juniper Research study predicts spend on digital retail marketing will double by 2020, hitting $362 billion. Spend hit $174 billion last year, according to an announcement. Bluetooth beacon deployments will be a prime driver, as retailers tap the technology for coupon redemption programs.

Macy's as well as a slew of other legacy retailers, are already embracing beacons and the research firm expects nearly 1.6 billion coupons to be sent to consumers by 2020. That's a robust jump from 11 million this year, notes the research firm.


5. Ad Week: 5 Trends That Are Radically Reshaping Shopper Marketing

71 percent of U.S. consumers say they still prefer to buy from physical stores even if the same products are available online, according to a recent TimeTrade survey, which also found that 85 percent like to shop in stores because they say they want to "touch and feel" items before buying them.

Online shopping accounts for only about 9 percent of total consumer retail spending, according to the most recent quarterly figures from the U.S. Census Bureau. But make no mistake—everyone from retail behemoths to specialty boutiques is feeling the pressure to adapt more seamlessly to the digital world, to bring in that all-important foot traffic and to deliver an experience that consumers can get nowhere else.




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