Highlights from the Gartner Digital Marketing Analytics Magic Quadrant

November 21, 2016

Recently, Gartner released their latest Digital Marketing Analytics Magic Quadrant, in which they reviewed several participating vendors in the digital marketing analytics space—including AgilOne.


We have been featured in the Digital Marketing Analytics Magic Quadrant for two consecutive years, and this year we were the only vendor to move up on both axes. This is due in large part to our recent launch of AgilOne 6, which is built specifically for enterprise, omni-channel B2C marketers

Here are some highlights from the Digital Marketing Analytics Magic Quadrant, which Gartner stated about AgilOne:

"AgilOne provides marketers with customer analytics and cross-channel personalization opportunities to improve conversions. They standardize customer data into a clean record that marketers use to target and personalize campaigns...The solution is particularly applicable for multichannel retail marketers, as it offers propensity-to-buy models and a predictive customer lifetime value model..."

Gartner highlights the value that AgilOne brings to omni-channel retailers. Many retailers struggle to unify offline and online data, and Gartner highlights AgilOne’s differentiating ability to standardize all data into one, clean system of record of customer IDs. When a retailer can leverage all customer data, personalization is vastly improved.

Highlighted Strengths 

Gartner describes how AgilOne helps enterprise retailers by underscoring the ease of our integration, our clean customer database of record that incorporates all offline and digital channels, and our industry leading machine learning and AI that drives our modeling. Here are three highlights directly from the report.

  • Easy integration: AgilOne integrates data from other tools and services to provide a unified customer record. As such, it has strong integrations with third-party data sources. 
  • Data reliability: AgilOne's anomaly detection automates data validation, standardization and enrichment, making it more nimble and reliable than some other solutions. 
  • Democratic data science: In addition to manual segmentation capabilities, AgilOne offers self-learning segment discovery... and marketers will find value in the product's predictive customer lifetime value models and propensity-to-buy models.  

Other Considerations

Retail executives are budgeting for digital marketing platforms that can help them optimize their marketing efforts. The challenge though, is that each company is different. They have different tools, technology, and specific requirements for their business growth. In this quickly evolving world, they need a product that is highly configurable will keep them agile. To learn more on this topic, we investigate the topic of "Configurable & Agile” vs. “Custom and Cumbersome" in our recent 2 part blog series. 

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