Gourmet, Hand-Roasted Coffee and Chocolate Retailer Cafe Britt Uses AgilOne's Predictive Marketing Cloud

December 16, 2014


Cafe Britt is a company founded on the authenticity of rich, hand roasted Costa Rican coffee and hand-crafted chocolates. They wanted to bring this delicious and gourmet part of their country and culture to the world without losing the quality or character. For this reason a company built on traditional practices; creating products slowly, carefully and by hand– adopted a modern technology that once was only available to large, fortune 500 companies and technology leaders - predictive marketing.

The company looked to AgilOne's predictive marketing cloud to help them understand the customers they already have along with the customers they could potentially gain. Cafe Britt could now gather and analyze their customer data, including browsing and purchasing history, and begin to learn the unique preferences and tastes of their individual customers. AgilOne helps the company to communicate and deliver their rich coffee and chocolates to their customers without losing the integrity or personalized touch of buying these goods locally.

Cafe Britt saw immediate results with initial personalized welcome campaigns resulting in 18% increase in email open rates and a 15% increase in conversion rates. They also were able to bring back 9% of their inactive customers with birthday and anniversary campaigns. This is only the beginning.

AgilOne's CEO Omer Artun is excited to see this traditional, culturally-rich company adopt innovative marketing practices. "This is what we stand for; bringing authentic and personal shopping experiences along with quality products to thousands of customers with the help of predictive technology. We love to help growing brands - large and small- bring their compelling story and products to the masses while still maintaining the personalization and customer appreciation they were founded on. "

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