AgilOne Makes Gains with Home Furnishing Brands: Jonathan Adler and Serena & Lily Share AgilOne’s Impact to Their Business

December 15, 2016


Today AgilOne announced successes and momentum within the home furnishing retail market segment. The announcement comes in the wake of massive transformation of the home furnishing industry as traditional home retailers and new market entrants compete for customer wallet share.

Although the home furnishing category is growing at a healthy rate, omnichannel retailers are faced with three key challenges:

  1. One and done buying patterns, particularly with big ticket items such as couches and dining sets, coupled with sporadic purchasing of home accessories.
  2. Siloed data that is isolated within digital channels vs. traditional channels such as catalog and direct mail databases, and store data.
  3. Delivering consistent experiences across touchpoints, such as for customers who browse online but buy in the store.

With AgilOne, home furnishing retailers are leaping ahead of competitors and overcoming these challenges. Jonathan Adler, a mod-influenced shop with its own line of contemporary furniture, lamps, pillows, and more, uses AgilOne to gain omni-channel customer intelligence that powers personalized engagement. “Using AgilOne, we’ve not only gleaned insights into consumer behavior, retention, acquisition trends and average order value (AOV) shifts, we’ve also initiated a host of campaigns and in-store efforts that are delivering tangible results,” said Leland Kass, vice president of marketing at Jonathan Adler.  

Serena & Lily is a luxury home and lifestyle brand with a fresh, California view. Leveraging AgilOne’s customer data and engagement hub, Serena & Lily is positioned to seize the opportunities of growing their store footprint, boosting their catalog and direct mail business, and optimizing digital engagement. AgilOne will serve as Serena & Lily’s single source of truth for customer identity, ensuring customer data is clean, de-duplicated, and resolved into a trusted system of record that can be used across Serena & Lily’s entire ecosystem. Carla Rummo, VP of direct marketing and ecommerce at Serena & Lily, talked about how they plan to manage their growth. “We are excited to partner with AgilOne. We believe that the AgilOne solution is the best fit for a multi-channel retailer like us with high-value customers and rapid growth,” said Carla Rummo, VP of Direct Marketing and Ecommerce. “We look forward to using the solution to get a single view of the customer across all channels, better segment our marketing, and optimize our marketing investment ROI,” she continued.

For home furnishing retailers looking to take full advantage of today’s omni-channel opportunities, delight their customers with orchestrated engagement, AgilOne is a no brainer. Our advanced machine learning and AI, combined with AgilOne’s data quality engine, predictive analytics, and 360-degree customer profile, give home furnishing retailers unique access to data that is typically siloed or limited to digital-only channels. AgilOne combines out-of-the-box capabilities with the agility of a configurable SaaS platform in order to meet the unique needs of enterprise home furnishing brands.


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