Home Goods Industry: AgilOne Retail Trends Snapshot

April 20, 2016

A common challenge Home Goods retailers have is getting their one-and-done buyers into life long, loyal customers.

As a study from CSM Wire echoes, customers who buy once have a 27% chance of making a second purchase. If you can encourage that second sale, however, you’re increasingly likely to create a longtime patron. According to the research, by the time someone has bought from you a fourth time, there’s a 59% chance they’ll return again. In the Fashion Industry (check out our Fashion Retail Snapshot here!), a 2-time buyer spends 1.5x more over a year than a new customer.

So, how do marketers in the Home Goods Industry get similar results?

The below 'AgilOne Retail Trends' snapshot has combined research from PwC, our own research from our clients (retailers like you!), and more to give you better insights into consumer behavior, peer performance, industry benchmarks and case studies showcasing best practices for growing your Home Goods Business.

This AgilOne Retail Trends Snapshot highlights:

  • Research & Purchasing trends between In-Store, Online, No Research, & Other
  • Top insights that help you leverage consumer behavior
  • Top industry benchmarks & resources
  • How your Home Goods peers are leveraging customer-centric strategies to grow their business
  • Targeted insights on what you should implement this year to stay ahead of the curve!

We hope you enjoy! 


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