How Customer Data Platforms Take Web Tagging to the Next Level

May 16, 2018

Woman on Phone Shopping In StoreRunning abandoned cart and abandoned browse campaigns are table stakes for enterprise B2C businesses; however, those looking to get more in-depth data with more comprehensive, specific event targeting need to look to a CDP.

Tracking Custom Events

From store locator clicks to brochure downloads, the possibilities of custom events you can set up and track in a CDP via a web tag or custom Event feeds are endless. A few typical use cases include:

  • Resource downloads - if you have a library of online resources, you can set up custom web tagging to track the customers who are downloading specific resources. These can be clues to products the customer is interested in, which you can use to drive specific product campaigns to support the projects for which they have shown interest.
  • Store locator tracking - by setting up custom web tagging on your website’s store locator, you can identify customers who may be ready to visit you in person and even determine a potential location of users before you get an address from an order. These users can be included in specialized pre-store visit or geographically segmented campaigns from which they would have been previously been excluded.
  • In-store Wi-Fi - set up a custom event for customers who visit a brick-and-mortar store and access in-store Wi-Fi. This can help you gain deeper insight into how your customers are interacting with your merchandise in both the physical and online stores. Are they coming into your store to look at products before purchasing online? Or vice versa? You can also offer coupons to customers in the store when they are on your Wi-Fi.
  • Mobile app events - If your company has a web-based mobile app, you can add custom web tags to any aspect of your mobile app to track customer interaction in the app. This again will give you deeper insight into your customer buying journey and how they interact with your brand before and in-between purchases.
  • Multi-step checkout process - If your checkout process has multiple steps, you can set a custom web tag to each step to track where customers are falling off before completion. Then, you can target the users based on their drop-off point with helpful resources to nurture them through the remainder of the process.

Bottom line? If someone can click it our browse it, we can help you track these events for specialized customer segmentation.

Append to Customer Profile in Real Time

Not only is custom web tagging extremely helpful for understanding your customer journey, with AgilOne's web tagging, customer interactions are appended to their 360 profile in real-time. This gives marketers the ability to quickly act upon customer intent and target customers at the most opportune moment.

Additionally, all of the custom web tag events that are set up on AgilOne will be added to the customer's journey within the 360 Profile, so you can track exactly how customers are moving through your funnel in real-time, and you can segment and target users based on these interactions.

Ingest into Your Machine Learning Models

One of the most exciting aspects of AgilOne is the ability to use all the data you are collecting to feed machine learning models. If you set up custom web tagging for downloads and other targeted website interactions, this data will feed into the models to continue learning about your customers. One great example is a likelihood-to-buy machine learning model. As your web tag data is fed into this model, you can pull lists of those most likely to purchase from your brand based on those interactions. Additionally, you can then use these lists to create lookalike lists of your customers most likely to buy, and use the lookalike list as an audience for acquisition campaigns.

Custom web tagging and event tracking with AgilOne's Customer Data Platform is just one more way companies can gain a deeper understanding of their customers and increase customer engagement and lifetime value through relevant, targeted campaigns.

Want to learn more? Watch a quick overview of the AgilOne platform's functionality.

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