How JOANN Stores Stitches Digital, Store, and Mobile Data at the Customer Level

Jun, 16 2017

AgilOne is built to meet the very particular needs of enterprise omni-channel retailers. This makes AgilOne the only customer data platform that supports enterprise volumes of customer engagement, event, and transaction data in near-real-time -- along with built-in machine learning, enablement of online/offline use cases, a world-class data quality engine, out-of-the-box retail analytics and predictive models, and the flexibility to easily configure any unique business requirements into all aspects of the platform.

So nothing brings us greater joy than to witness a truly enterprise customer like JOANN Stores leverage AgilOne to its fullest potential. In just two months, AgilOne enabled JOANN to:

  • Increase incremental revenue by 18%
  • Boost online orders by 150%
  • Triple the response rate to customer reactivation campaigns

These results, published this week, are largely from personalized post-purchase journeys created to drive maximum relevance for each distinct customer. JOANN has also seen an uptick in online engagement and in-store transactions as a result of this initiative as well. Read the full press release to learn more about these campaigns and how JOANN is achieving these dramatic results. The results are mostly compiled from an analysis over a course of two months.


Bridging the Online/Offline Divide

A key part of JOANN’s strategy centers around customer data unification and activation across JOANN’s marketing technology and advertising technology ecosystem, including data from over 850 physical store locations. Going beyond what many retailers dare to envision, JOANN has integrated data from technologies such as social sign-on, DMP data, analytics from JOANN’s mobile app (plus many, many other sources) – all with the goal of collecting, unifying data while applying insights, and activating those insights across all the relevant tools in their ecosystem.

This includes collecting email addresses from visitors in the store via an integration with AgilOne’s partner Euclid Analytics. The integration is a significant initiative as 95% of all of JOANN’s conversions occur in stores. Using Euclid and AgilOne together allows JOANN to collect email addresses from customers who visit the store but do not necessarily buy. By pulling this data into AgilOne’s single customer profile, JOANN can retarget store visitors with abandon browse campaigns that are personalized to their store experiences. To learn how AgilOne and Euclid work together for JOANN, check out our recent webinar that dives into these use cases with JOANN.


Creating Meaningful In-Store Experiences

JOANN Stores is a terrific example of how important the flexibility of the AgilOne platform is to an enterprise omni-channel retailer. JOANN has many points of customer interaction, and they seek to do more than just sell products – their business inspires creativity for all types of folks, from people who care about sewing to crafts and everything in between. For example, JOANN offers sewing classes in local stores; these events are not focused on sales, but rather building community and creating helpful and genuine experiences. AgilOne helps JOANN leverage a single customer profile to drive more relevant interactions in the classes, and to integrate information learned about customers from classes into the platform to feed back into AgilOne’s customer profile.

JOANN is a rock star in the world of retailers using an enterprise customer data platform because they are using the platform to its fullest extent. And the result is that JOANN is, in a flexible manner and at enterprise scale, unifying all customer data into a master marketing record to power all interactions with customers.


Learn JOANN’s secrets firsthand

If you’re interested in learning how JOANN has developed a winning customer data strategy, we’re hosting a webinar with Steve Miller, VP of Marketing and Business Development at JOANN, and Gangadhar Konduri, Chief Product Officer at AgilOne, who together will discuss why JOANN chose a customer data platform, how JOANN is leveraging store data and creating better store experiences, and the best approach to activating AdTech and MarTech ecosystem with clean customer data. Click here to reserve your seat and save the webinar to your calendar.

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