How Mavi increased orders per customer 68%

July 30, 2013

Using personalized campaigns powered by AgilOne, Mavi, a jeans and apparel brand retailer has increased their average order frequency from 1.2 to 2.0 orders per customer, per year. That’s an increase of 68%!

Want in on their secret?

Through AgilOne, Mavi creates personalized bonus rewards email campaigns (essentially discounts), tailored for each customer, to bring customers back to their website and stores more often and to get them to spend more. They create and tailor their campaigns based on a large number of variables, including your gender, average order value, predicted and actual lifetime value, propensity to buy, as well as you product, brand and product category preferences (like whether you typically shop for jeans or also accessories). Watch this video to hear details about their retention campaigns.

Elif Oner, Customer Relationship Marketing Manager at Mavi says, “You don’t need a rocket scientist -and you don’t even need IT- to get started. We started small, but now run more than 30 retention campaigns. I am ‘in heaven’ using AgilOne”.

She recommends to, start small, then grow big – with AgilOne you’ll see results.

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