How to increase email revenue and decrease opt-outs (video)

July 31, 2013

Watch this video to see a few recommendations on how to increase email revenue by cutting opt-out rates in half and doubling your open and click-through rates.

Did you know?

  • A 0.5% opt-out rate per campaign can lead to losing 30% to 50% of your database contacts in a year.
  • The average revenue lost per customer opt-out is $60.

    This means your company could be burning through cash and losing millions in potential revenue by not optimizing email campaigns.

The solution

AgilOne’s Email Edition integrates with your email marketing platform to help you and your team double your open and click-through rates, cut your opt-out rate in half and increase your overall email revenue.

How does it work?

The platform uses predictive analytics and big data to make marketing awesome, personal, and meaningful again. AgilOne’s self-learning, predictive algorithms, give you insider knowledge on the behavior of the different groups of email subscribers your database holds. This allows you to tailor the content and touch frequency to each individual customer’s based on prior engagement and preferences.

Tips and tricks

This video presented by Johnson Kang - our clever Business Development Representative features helpful tips and tricks on how to how to increase your email revenue and get the most out of AgilOne’s powerful predictive marketing platform.