How Traeger Grills increased click through rates 400% in 30 days

February 03, 2014

Michael Steinhart did a great interview with Clayton Shumway, email marketing manager for Traeger Wood Pellet Grills.

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What I find most remarkable about the story is that Traeger is a brand new AgilOne customer. See here the January 13 announcement of Traeger Grill adopting predictive marketing.

Now less than 30 days later, you can read Clayton's story in All Analytics magazine: he talks about Traeger's "quick win" campaigns with data driven marketing. By using customer data and analytics, he was able to increase open rates, click through rates and purchase rates! He is estimating that his abandoned cart campaign alone can bring a quarter million in new sales this year.

Some highlights:

  • Open/click rate went from 20%/1% to 29%/4%.

  • A new "abandoned cart campaign" has 55%/19% open/click rate.

  • The sales conversion rate for untargeted email blasts was 0.11%. Targeted emails have a conversion rate of 0.16%, and the abandoned cart email has a 1.6% conversion.

Next Clayton is working on a replenishment reminder campaign.

We are super excited with the early results of Traeger and know much more is in store for them!

Read the full All Analytics story on data driven segmentation and email campaigns.